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Linesman60 said
Friendship and encountetehip. FWB
rileystorm said
love getting messages and sending and geting pics if u like the same message me u wont regret
Miatera1 said
and my wife hooked up with a very handsome and attractive very sexually atractive and i got wet just looking at him. Time to find if what they say is tru or fake OYGBYNGB. Watch the flick of my wife Cyndeelicious and find .
CWLitton said
No she was going to get the car so she can get away
Sixstringfrenzy said
In 2004 being I was in the mood for a booty so I joined this site. I had recently ended a serious relationship that I thought was the one that would last the rest of my life. I had several hookups here and was having a blast. Well, long story short, I met a woman here , fell head over heels in love and here we are years later still on that same booty . Just goes to show, sometimes you can find something that will change your life forever is a place you least expect it. I would not have the extraordinary life that I enjoy today without AdultFriendFinder.
needyhusband3 said
We have all ways been picky a what we wanted. So after signing up a d placing our ad it only took one day to find that big cock guy to do her as i watched. Sp many matches so quickly this site cant be beat.
BigJJohnson96 said
Met my wife on here last week. She stole my shot me up with a wonderfull love got a little taste now i cant get enough.
Playboy9901 said
AdultFriendFinder msg me am playboy chat and meet am wait for you
sol150sol said
I'll tell it soon.
Demon__Spawn said
DON'T WASTE YOUR , this site has so many fake accounts. You will be contacted by women from every place on the planet, and 99 of 0 are fake... The bad part is that this site could stop it but they are only in it for the . So save your and join some other site that runs REAL women in your location, and not this crap.
Demon__Spawn said
DON'T WASTE YOUR , this site has so many fake accounts. You will be contacted by women from every place on the planet, and 99 of 0 are fake... The bad part is that this site could stop it but they are only in it for the . So save your and join some other site that runs REAL women in your location, and not this crap.
Openminded19681 said
a sex addicte BIG time😁 a log hauler that jurks off 4 to 5 times a day very unek own my own business funny loud and horny love life love to touch in public and love to watch wife or girlfriend get ducked pumped as I watch. I've been blest in life ...I have a medium cock but want 2 more inches
Inkin_kinkster said
Instead of sharing my success story, I'm going to just tell you the truth. I joined this site with a different account back in the early 2000s and found a lot of success meeting people on here because at that time, all the people on here , were real. It's now 2019 and I rejoined with a gold membership, sad to say that this site has changed so drastically that 90% of the people the contact me are all fake and I feel as though I have wasted my money significantly. I tried to contact customer support and instead of getting help, I got the run-around. The site is hiring people to appear like business is thriving. Don't waste your money here! This site is a scam. Yes, there are some real people on here but for the most part, it's nothing like it used to be.
Dogjackey1234 said
I just want to be me and fuck alot
Loveittight0123 said
My friend wouldn’t take no photos or film us but first I really wanted but once I felt him go inside me I don’t know what I was thinking at first other than I didn’t like it but as time went by I started really enjoying and instead of telling him to stop I was telling him don’t stop I want to feel you inside me more than once
gc3indc said
I connected with EricaCD4CO recently, meeting face to face after message introductions. She is very much real and exactly as described. Very sexy and tactile.
ParTyPlaywme said
Thanks to AdultFriendFinder for helping me regain my mojo once again. I've really been blown away from all of the non stop positive feedback and responses I receive daily. Makes it hard to feel anything but good about myself. Especially when everyday I open my page up and I'm bombarded with such vuglar and kinky interest. Really makes a girl feel right at home!!! 😘😘🦄🦄
BartonBB said
I am the most talked about hip hop artist in Texas, i am oretty sure I'm getting a deal so you will hear Barton B soon!!!
eldotex1 said
I have met some great people on here and had some amazing sexual sensual passionate plays , not to mention some married twinks that i continue to have sex with weekly. the best of the best , wouldn't trade this experience and site for the world Thanks AdultFriendFinder
Saltyplayer said
I've started talking to women right away and not even a WK later I had and to go see one woman and I had a great time awesome.e
Sanalan69 said
It's like open. Actual explorations for me keep me in your friends like long companionships give me relationship responsibility fun and lots and lots of sex I actually had a relationship here with on another state vegetable girlfriend relationship and lasts about three months getting in well but still take you couldn't take the bad.some places there's nobody has corpus Christi had three or five meetups. Left side off and on for 7 years do you know that woman standard Robert friendly over the years it's hindered by a lot of God limitations near Marin I am doesn't work too too well everytime I try to get it to work the Lord's blessing less so I just want to ask you speak where's the gold membership please little bit less than my charges because maybe I'll hear
Mudsurfmama2 said
6 years ago...met a man on here. We started playing more frequently. But he fell madly in love with her. Pretty soon, we are exclusively seeing each other. Plus we are learning more everyday. Sex is still exciting. Driving 2 hours anticipating sex surprises!! Perfect partners in bed. Through thick and thin, we come back to each other. Surprisingly we are engaged, ready to make it permanent.
Couplekinkys said
I never thought id meet someone here that id fall in love with. Yet it happened to us. Our story is really unbelieveable when i think back. Thanks to AdultFriendFinder we both found soul mates.
dogy9inch said
I have meat two couples here that are amusing got the chance to explorer most o my fantasies and do thing I never would image before so it bin graet.
Honeybeefreeluv said
I've been on AdultFriendFinder for years. I never really had a chance to meet such friendly people. Now I have an entire community at my fingertips! I can go anywhere and talk to and meet anyone !!!#
Erectshaved said
Several years ago got to chatting with nice cpl and found they also live in nh. One thing led to another until hubby invited me to there place one evening late to surprise his wife. I came into house he met me at door and I stripped naked with no lights in living room. He went to bedroom and I followed. Wife was in bed and he went to her and she started sucking his cock. I came in and went under covers and began eating her hot shaved pussy. She starting getting dripping wet and sucked her man until he shot a huge load that she swallowed and then smiled at me. She wanted my cum next but not before I fucked that soaking et pussy then put her on her hands and knees so I could fuck her as she said “dick deep and hard”. We finished with her non- stop sucking until see got every drop of my cum and swallowed it all. Great evening, great friends and now she wants to come to my cabin and “ me”. Bring it on “D”!!!
TattooedGoddes2 said
OMG.. I have met some amazing people and have had some of the best times experiencing different things with black light and all the mirrors and testing out all new toys. And have had some of the best gifts talk to me.
Stuckyu574 said
We were keen on the ancient tantra subject of firming up and upliftment of female breasts where ladies do have tendency to lose the firmness and breasts sag with age or after child birth

We wondered how we can help people because we learnt the art of old tantra way of how queens in ancient times used to get breast upliftment in those non surgical eras.Simple they wanted to look nice for the king as kings tend to marry many ladies so keeping good was survival even after child birth

Then we came to the art of massage at the time of orgasm the great secret law which obviously means you have massuer in your bed while you are with your partner but this is not threesome or foursome but much more serious stuff of just firming up the breasts , first impression when we were exposed to it was like this is not real but later we realised that it works

Reason why it works could be due to the fact that when breasts swell at excitement and then when orgasm happens AND HORMONE RELEASE the particular secret massage from massuer who is not invoilved in the sexual activity helps to retain the swell even after the orgasm and excitement and therfore retains firmness

we could not believe it but it works

This site helped us to connect with people who wanted to know more about it and this is no commercial thing OR BUSINESS for us we just want to share this great ancient indian tantra from the land of kama sutra that looks at the well being of a female breast that is foundation for a beautiful woman's confidence.
Cieo23 said
This was my first try with site dating. Found myself an amazingly hott FWB on the first meet. We've been playing for about 4 months and are now exploring finding ourselves another FWB or 2, or 3, or 4..... Hahahahahahahahahahah. I know I got lucky but, Thank You. It's done wonders for my attitude ; )
Vinniengin said
I have to say it.... .Wow this site is awesome! AdultFriendFinder has got me more trim than I have had in years. I was worried getting the up grade and I went ahead and did it and after about 3 days got my first hit then almost everyday after that so thanks for the service yall provide it's really REAL!
Huckleberry00011 said
When I was on site a few months ago. I met up with a very like minded married women and she wanted exactly what I wanted which was a very discreet only encounters and we hooked up several times, where I ate and sucked out her pussy for hours as she sucked and skull fucked my cock and then we had sex anyway and everyway we could for hours until we both fail out from exhaustion. We had many more encounters that worked our schedules around our married partners. This site works if you respect each other's space and don't cause drama for each other and when the encounters are over there over.
Licktillwet said
I didn't meet anyone but bots and hustlers. Girls I knew no cost for men.... Pay up. 67% are bots in chat email messages and phone. Still have fun anyway
tipumoni said
How do I become a Gold Member?
Wgacpl197677 said
Finally. Members on another site that is for swingers and had limited luck in finding others that follow through or even meet. First day that I activated this AdultFriendFinder account, we met a guy and they fucked that night.
Rod469469 said
I got lucky and met the woman of my dreams on here we’ve been together for a while and things are going good I couldn’t be happier. At first I wasn’t too sure about this site but after meeting her I’m very glad I gave it a shot and stuck it out because it was well worth it.
Gnlgirl1979 said
AdultFriendFinder feels like my personal playground. I have met more fwb on here in 2 weeks than I ever could have imagined. Most guys are down to earth dudes just looking for fun, right in my neighbourhood. I wish I could tell 19 year old me that 20 years from now guys will trip and " fight " over a chance to meet you! And not just desperation dates. Hot guys that love your curves. Thank you AdultFriendFinder!
RyananTan said
It took us a little bit on this site but we got to experience a fantasy of ours. And now we're hoping to continue our fun and fulfill more fantasies we have yet to fulfill.
Chillicd said
I grew up with a dad and a hot st stepmother but as I got older as about 12 I started going through her panties and she had all kinds of lingerie and I still laying or bad and dress up and I just learned a jerk off so I could lay there and jerk off and I'd grab her dildos so I could taste her come off the dildos one day she caught me she never told me Dad thank God but Shelly saw me a little different and she would lay out lingerie that she got newly each month she got a new set of lingerie and she leave it out there for me to try it on I was only 13 or 12 at the time and she was 48 and it was just so Nadia think of her cuz she had the most beautiful tits and a great body and she'd been standing behind the door for quite some time the first time she caught me jacking off she had her hand down her pants and was rubbing her pussy as I was rubbing all up and down the thigh highs and stockings
jok_dawn_puddles said
He was the excitingly, sensual dream every girl pines for. I saw him, number 1 on the AdultFriendFinder leaderboard and instantly wanted to meet. Casual chats over AdultFriendFinder email, leaving naughty comments to each other on pics and video....BLAM! Next thing you know we met for dinner and have been an AdultFriendFinder couple ever since. We cam and encourage viewers to Go Gold so they, too, can interact with others. We are admired for our genuine care for each other and flirty nature to others. We definitely would not have net, let alone explored as many Bucket List items without the help of AdultFriendFinder. We hope everyone is as successful in whatever you are looking for, this site has it all! Happy AFFing!!
Kittenfur_1 said
At 5am one morning, I instant messaged a guy I had previously chatted with but we lost our connection on chat. I thought he lost interest but then I saw he hot isted me. He had been trying to contact me for a couple days. Finally we were both online and after a few messages he invited me over.

We party and chat for about an hour and then it was on. It was wild. He threw me around like a ragdoll. Turning me, flipping me. Pulling one of my legs up to push deeper. My best first encounter ever. When we stopped I felt it was around 8:30am. His bed is soaked and he still hasvs hard on.

8:30? He says. It's 12:30pm! Can you imagine? So much fun. He was talking in tongues at one point. Whispering filthy things in my ear as he continued to pound me.

And ppl say the site doesn't work. I could write a book about all my encounters!! Works great for me. It's my favorite hook up site and I've been on them all. It works if you know how to talk. Sometimes even when you hardly talk at all! Thank you AdultFriendFinder!
campgdp6969 said
Got an instant message from another AdultFriendFinder all parties were horny and ready. So hooked up and had an hour of fun. Can't wait till next time.
PoolSharkin42 said
My fiancé and I met another couple for drinks and we clicked so we went back to their place. The ladies were trying on outfits and when I went to check on them, the other l lady was eating out my fiancé on the bedroom floor. She had never been with a girl before so this was a major surprise for me. From there I proceeded to eat them both out as the other guy rotated fucking the two of them.
Gyrythil said
I met my man on here over two years ago. We were both looking for a FWB/NSA thing. We have never stopped having amazing sex and we continue to evolve. We cannot wait to add to our story that I managed to successfully handle getting DP’d in the near future with a guy that we hopefully meet from AdultFriendFinder.

Stay safe :-)
TaiyaBlack said
I signed up here for a couple different reasons but one was to find a man or woman that I would be 100% compatible with in bed. After turning down 100s of people I was going to quit but one day a man messaged me and it caught my interest it wasn't your standard message. We got to talking and eventually he took me out for an amazing evening. Once we returned to my place I had already decided I was gonna let him have sex with me. The way he held me, entered me and made me feel me feel though was something I had only dreamed of. We were on the exact same page. It was a night I will never forget.
38hansomeLion said
WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES!! MY STORY BEGINS : With all the bullshit sites out there that only lie and take your money. False profiles to blowing smoke up your ass. Y'all freakin suck!!! BUT WAIT FOLKS! IVE GOT GOOD NEWS! AdultFriendFinder aka AdultFriendFinder is the real deal. I couldn't believe i actually found this smoking hot married chic. (Half Asain) Of all things she lived in the same small town as me. We hit it off and the next thing you know i was screwing her brains out in her SUV. Loving the fact of hearing her moan with pleasure from my tongue and cock pleasing her. Only thing i got vested is my membership. THANK YOU AdultFriendFinder!!! IM A TWO YEAR MEMBER AND I DO HAVE 2 MORE ENCOUNTERS under the belt (different ladies)Thank you AdultFriendFinder!! Listen up!! all DUMBASS MALES i dont know why im gonna help yall but one little piece of advise. DO NOT SEND DICK PICS TO THE LADIES!! FUCKING RETARDS!! Ive been laid a bunch on and from, Thanks to AdultFriendFinder and ive never sent even 1 dic pic. And also..... BE NICE TO THE LADIES. GOTTA GIVE RESPECT IF YOU ARE TO RECEIVE IT. GOODLUCK GUYS
CandyandJoseph said
We’re just a normal couple in CO that has a blast with these films no lie for sure. We’re hooked.
Luv2swng said
Over the years I have met so many good people on here and we are friends to this day. I also don’t want to leave out the fact that I met my fiancé on here and we have been together for three years and continue to enjoy the site to meet new people....also did I mention the great sex that I have had with people from here over the years
KlaiveZero said
I've met a lot of wonderful people from AdultFriendFinder, some have been casual Hookups, Some became great friends for many years now, But most importantly i met two amazing women on the site that changed my life forever. The first lady and i dated for about 2 and half years, and even though we don't date anymore ( we wanted different things) we are amazing friends. We still text and call almost daily and are there for each other when many others in our lives aren't.

The second just flipped my world upside down, what was suppose to be a casual hookup turned out to be me finding someone whom I loved so much, and have only felt that strongly about twice before in my life, my first love, and My wife ( open marriage everything was in the open ) - and she became my Moon in the night sky. Even though it ended due to Long distance issues i wouldn't trade My spent time with her for the world.

I don't know who I will met next on AdultFriendFinder, I don't know if it will be a new friend or the next life changer... Who knows, but you gotta keep talking, saying hello. being open minded and being honest. So many of us give up hope that we will met anyone, but you gotta just keep talking , she or He is out there looking for you too.. You just gotta find the moment, it will Happen.. It has for me, It has for friends.
funcpl19664 said
We've been members on this site for several 10 years now. We have made lots of good friends and had great success over this period of time. We will continue to be members for many years to come. This site has made it very easy to meet the kind of people we want for exactly the kind of playtime we wanted. Looking forward to many more years of meetups with the help of this site.
cxjulie said
I joined this site in 2014. Think it was later in the year. I started meeting different men. I mean what the hell. I had nothing to lose! So between whenever it was I joined in '14 till April '15 I met I'd say around 20 or 25 men from here. They mostly was thanks for meeting see ya later, and go. I say may 4 were worth my effort. You know that's the chance you take. Well in April of '15 I was getting around 200 messages and IM's a day. So the chance of a reply from me was slim. I logged on and was deleting unwanted stuff, and I seen the message from hawkman20951962 I thought unusal screen name, and u barly could see him standing beside a green camero. Something just caught my attention. I thought to myself I'm gonna see what this one has to say or offer that I can't do without. When I opened it the first thing I saw wasn't a penis! Long story short. We talked for a week or so. Seemed to hit it off well. One weekend I needed to just go get away. He text and I said you serious about meeting. He said yes I am! I said ok what you doing? He said not anything. I said well here's your chance. Come get me! He said ok let me shower. I'll be on my way. He was 80 miles away. Sometimes later. He called and said I'm here. I said ok I'm coming. Stayed that weekend. Went back a week later stayed a week with him. I had some problems. So I went to stay with another friend. Hawkins and I talked everyday and text numerous times. We were talking one day and he said I want you to come stay with me. I had honestly hoped he would ask. I didn't really think he would we only had known each other about two months. I told him if he really wanted me to. Come get me. He did and it was the best decision him and I had made in a long time. So folks here we are three years later. Deeply in love. We can't stand to be apart. I would have never thought a hookup would lead to what him and I have. We still like to play. We decided we would do this as a couple. We have met a few others. We clicked with with with them. Some may not agree with our choices, but the one thing no one understands about hawk and I. When party time is over..This girl goes home with him! Personally I don't see that changing for years to come. Thanks AdultFriendFinder!