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Three Jacks and a Queen: Ch.3 "Mother's Milk"   9/4/2017

Having been free for so long, who would have faulted her for leaving her promise unguarded. “Never again,” she had vowed. “No man will ever capture my heart again.” But Slim had somehow bee

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Three Jacks and a Queen: Ch.2 "The Abduction"   9/4/2017

“Please?” Amy begged the reluctant chauffeur. “Be a dear and walk me to my door. You know my apartment’s around back and how it gives me the heebie jeebies to walk back there this late at ni

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The Status Symbol Syndrome   9/2/2017

Though I was learning to live without a woman, there were those times when the house seemed too empty. It was a restlessness in which came on like a bad cold. But I guess I wasn't really learnin

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Second Chances: Buster and Holly (3/ 3)   9/1/2017

I woke as a strong gust of wind blew in through the shattered glass window. Not completely cognizant of where I was I watched a pair of swallows playing follow-the-leader before vanishing from my si

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Second Chances: Buster and Holly (2/ 3)   9/1/2017

Holly and I sat naked on the front porch swing until the full force of the fast moving storm front drove us back into the house. The white-blonde hair on her arms bristled at the sharp temperature

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Second Chances: Buster and Holly (1/ 3)   9/1/2017

Martha had made good on her promise of no unchaperoned dates until I began attending church with her. What had been an occasional holiday became every Sunday and after proposing, Wednesday nights as

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.11 (The End)   8/31/2017

“Nick! Darling, are you still with the living?” Calling me back from a shadowy world of serenity and peace, Doreen opened my eyes with a contemptible swipe of a cold, wet cloth across my flesh.

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.10   8/31/2017

The evening went as fast as a teenagers first date as we walked and talked. In the course of time Doreen grew more at ease with herself and the situation I had so arrogantly placed her in. We eventu

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.9   8/30/2017

“Be still.” Doreen sat twitching on the seat like a dog left holding a cookie on the end of its nose and being told not to eat it. “They say patience is a virtue?” “I’m not feeling part

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.8   8/30/2017

I aimed our little red wagon north at the intersection where the old gas station sitting on the corner. Somehow it now looked worse to her than it had the night before. Dirtier. More abandoned. I

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.7   8/30/2017

We are never the best judges of what is meaningful and what is trivial in our lives. The accidents of time and place change t

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.6   8/30/2017

I woke on the couch to the sound of a tractor fading off into the distance. Doreen lay quietly asleep in the bed hugging the pillow that had given her solace through the night. We had ended the ev

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.5   8/30/2017

The little motel was just as I remembered it. There were ten separate cabins with a centrally located office which an elderly manager called home. The cabins were a product of the late forties for t

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.4   8/30/2017

As my van began its gingerly roll back toward that deserted intersection, I wondered just what it was that kept Mrs. B. at arms length from me. Was it the motherhood thing? No, reasoning and hormone

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.3   8/30/2017

As planned, the red primered Econoline rumbled to a halt at the intersection fifteen minutes after Mr. Mike’s Lincoln drove past it back into the city. With the radio blaring some sad sack cowboy s

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.2b   8/30/2017

I left Mrs. B. with instructions as what to wear and how to wear it. She was left to make her own reservations on the ten o’clock shuttle to Chicago. Coach. Furthest seat towards the back that

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.2a   8/30/2017

Chapter 2a of the on going saga. ___________________________________ Mrs. Doreen Gwendlyn Brumlevy bathed while I finished a days worth of work in an hour filled with dreams, visions and second thoug

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Second Chances: Gwen Ch.1   8/30/2017

Note: This is a lengthy story. Whether or not I will post every chapter remains to be seen. I was originally written at least 10 yrs ago and needs editing, a thing I hate to do. But what I post wil

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Second Chances: Window Dressing   8/29/2017

When we first got married, we moved into an apartment that was several miles outside a sleepy farm town. What had once been a wireless communication building had over the years been reclaimed as a pr

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Second Chances: Phyllis   8/27/2017

She introduced herself as Ms. Parks to the class, but I already knew her as Phyllis. Phyllis lived with her parents who the summer before had moved into the apartment next door to my estranged father.

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