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25 Things About Me
Posted:Jan 14, 2015 4:17 pm
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2017 3:53 pm

1. I am originally from SoCal. Moved to northern AZ in 1993.
2. I went to the same Jr. High and High Schools as Jan & Dean.
3. I am an animal lover and hate people who abuse them.
4. My favorite sport to watch is NFL Football. JUST WIN BABY!
5. My father taught me to play poker when I was about 11.
6. The cat that allowed me to take him in is named Dude. I miss him very much.
7. I was in a commercial once, and in the title shots of a couple movies.
8. My favorite color is yellow - blue is a close second.
9. I don’t like bananas.
10. I love most Asian (Thai, Japanese, Indian) foods.
11. I love giving and receiving oral sex. It feels most intimate and when done well can be very erotic.
12. I am a pretty good pool player.
13. I am a meat eater. I’ve been told that makes me a dinosaur, T-rex.
14. I hate cheese , but love pizza. Pizza Hut Meat Lovers, yum.
15. I gave up on having a cell phone in 2001. I’m been told that also makes me a dinosaur (a no Tech-Rex).
16. When I raced in the SCCA I won a couple regional and divisional championships and was invited to the National Championship Runoffs 3 years in a row.
17. I dislike politics, politicians and liars. Oopps, the last two are the same.
18. I am a very good kisser. You are welcome to try and disprove this.
19. I love white water rafting. Paddle or Die! !
20. I am annoyingly good at naming that tune.
21. Regrets I’ve had a few but then again too few to mention.
22. I don’t do coffee (caffeine). So I’m a decaf dinosaur.
23. This one is none of your business, sorry.
24. I do not know how to tie a tie.
25. That is all I am willing to mention on the web.
Deep Purple
Posted:Aug 5, 2017 7:08 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2017 8:03 am
Nooo, the title of this post is not in reference to some odd sexual act. Geez y’all do you think this is some sort of sex site or something? The title is actually about the only time I have ever played a musical instrument.

So, what we're gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time . . . to Los Angeles in the mid 1980s. I have a friend (we shall call him D) who is my roommate and race co-driver. He is a professional photographer and former professional musician. He is great at playing “Classical Gas”, a very good co-driver for endurance races and had Yamaha (musical instruments) as a photo client. Occasionally I would assist on his photo shoots.

"The Unknown Race Drivers" D and me clowning around on a race weekend.

During the years we were roommates he attempted to teach me to play guitar several times – this usually proved to be futile. The only musical instrument I play, very well mind you, is the radio.  Also part of this saga is my gf (we shall call her Mo). Suffice it to say she was a very good girlfriend and also played several instruments (some musical).

One day D called and asked for an assist with a shipment of Yamaha instruments he had in and was going to shoot for a catalog. Mo was at my place so we both went over to the studio. All the instruments were new a fancy and shiny and Mo wanted to play some and eventually D and Mo did. D, being D, wanted to see if he could get me to play something. There was a bass guitar sitting close by and with only 4 strings I figured it might be easier. After plugging it in and plucking some strings we go to the “lesson”. Mo suggested we number the strings top to bottom so I would know what string to pluck. I don’t recall how we dealt with the neck. Anyway, I was able to play some notes with D calling out the numbers. Then came the big decision . . . what song to play. Something with a good bass line

As D and I often did we both thought of the same thing at the same time. In this case it was “Smoke on the Water” – can’t get much more bass than that opening. So with D on a guitar and Mo on a keyboard we did a couple “rehearsals” and it sounded pretty good.

So just like when a hole opened up during a race and we would take a shot we went for it with a full rendition of “Smoke on the Water” and it was nearly perfect. My bass play shook the rafters and I only missed a few notes.

What prompted this post was the announcement of the last tour for the group Deep Purple. There is a link below. They will be in Phoenix on 8/15 – I might try to go there but it is a work night and it probably won’t be cheap.
Pimpin It Up Heah Boss! – She’s baaahk
Posted:Jun 27, 2017 6:55 pm
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2017 9:30 am
I haven’t done this in awhile so, I be dustin off ma pimpin duds, polishin up the ride and whippin out ma . . . alter ego for . . . 1EroticAuthorTwo, now under a different screen name 1EA2 a.k.a JJ – short and sweet. Uhmmm, just to be clear I haven’t actually tasted her.

Annnyways, her posts are recommended reading IMO. They are interesting, thoughtful and at times erotic. Give her a look.

Her older posts don’t seem to be accessible right now – any chance of getting them . . . up?

Yes that is me, but without the beard.

Once again posted in bold red in honor of those lips.

“I pimp therefore I am.”
HNW – Tools
Posted:Jun 14, 2017 3:28 pm
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2017 8:15 am
I’m a tool guy and I visit a site where guys talk about their tools and it has lots of pictures of tools (a.k.a. tool porn). I use tools a lot so I figured I would offer a pic or 3 for this week’s HNW. I bought some tools this week and repaired a tool too.

I found a deal on CL for 7 working tools for $40, the original price was $85 when they were first listed a month ago. I used the driver to screw together some wood.

I broke a shovel a week ago and put a new handle on it today. I had to use a hammer to fix it. I had to beat it really hard to get it just right.

On Monday I diagnosed an automatic sprinkler system with this, I used both the probes and I made a testing wire with alligator clips to see if the system was really turned on. Do you know how to use probes and alligator clips?
31st Virtual Symposium: Screen Names – WTH Is A RedRockRascal?
Posted:Jun 4, 2017 9:07 am
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2017 6:26 am
Like most guys I came here to “get laid” and it was gaaaronnnteeed. To that end I figured it would help to have a semi clever screen name. So how did I come up with RedRockRascal?

First let’s clear up a misconception or two. The RedRockRascal is not related to Wiley Coyote or Taz the Tasmanian Devil. Also, he is not really nocturnal although there are parts that are up at night. Red is not necessarily a favorite color and not my hair color. But, one of my race cars is partly red.

As you may, or may not, know I live in Northern Arizona near a town named Sedona. It is a beautiful area and one of the features of the area are the red rock buttes and steep canyon walls of red rock that surround a portion of the town.

Coffee Pot Rock

Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing

For those of you who want to know the geo info, the red color is from iron deposits throughout the area it is basically rust. A lot of rock formations are named around here: Snoopy and Horace are a couple others. And since this is a “sex site” I’ll tell you there is even a Penis Rock (yep, but it’s not an official name) and no I haven’t taken a date there. I don’t think taking a woman to a phlaccid phallic phormation would be the right message to convey.

Penis Rock

So, by now I guess you’ve figured out the RedRock part, but how about the Rascal? Uhmmm, I don’t really recall. I was looking for something kinda catchy and Rascal seemed to fit.

My screen name has been mocked by one (or more) of the members of the “We Dictate What Is Acceptable Patrol”. I consider it an honor to be mocked by them because it means I am not one of them and therefore can only be better. Jealousy is a bitch – thank you.

I searched my screen name on Google the other day when I decided to write this. One of the first things that came up was on a ‘Hot in Mauritius’ site. I suspect it is affiliated with A*F*F – what sex site isn’t. Actually, if I had thought about being on Hot in Mauritius my screen name would have been “Delicious in Mauritius”.
Thoughts On Bloggers Leaving
Posted:May 30, 2017 6:57 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2017 8:54 am

It seems like a lot of good bloggers are leaving or thinking of leaving or have left. As of this AM I read about another blogger who is thinking of leaving and some who replied thinking the same and another one, Recal, who seems to be gone already. As I think about it others come to mind who seem to have faded away.

I mentioned that I am going to write about this situation and have a bunch of thoughts in my head, but not on “paper”, or in a manner (organized) that I feel good about presenting them in. So this post ain’t that post. This is me asking for input from y’all on why you may be considering leaving and what you might stay for.

I imagine some of the reasons are personal, some are because of situation(s) on the blogs themselves, some are because of your wants or expectations of the site(s) itself, and some are other things. The ones I have seen and am experiencing involve, in part, are a lesser number of interesting (to me) posts or as I see it diversity. Diversity, and how it effects and has affected the blogs, is a subject I plan on writing about. Another term that comes to mind and is related to diversity is acceptance, or another way of putting it is judgment.

FWIW, one thing I’m not talking about is the site’s glitches, mostly because we really don’t have any control over them. Yes, they can be a pain, but there are work arounds. That is the subject for another time IMO. What we do have control over is ourselves and how we do what we do on the blogs.

Anyways, I think if the blogs are to remain interesting (not only to me but to others) and be a pleasant (or at least not unpleasant) place to interact, and to survive as a viable connection to other people – this probably needs to be discussed.

So speak up y’all.
The Sad Exodus Continues
Posted:May 28, 2017 6:06 am
Last Updated:Jun 30, 2017 5:40 pm

Within the last few days I have been made aware of 2 more very interesting, funny and intelligent bloggers who intend to leave the site. Both have been blogging for at least as long as I have been and we have interacted for as long as I can recall. Both will be significant and unpleasant losses to this space.

I don’t know how much attention they want brought to this but one has already mentioned it on her blog – Joiseygirl. The other may get mad at me as she was not going to announce it – BiggLala.

We have seen way too many very good bloggers leave over the last year, some, if not all, for personal reasons, which is understandable. However, one has told me, and we all seem to be aware of this on some level – the lack of diversity has made this place a lot less interesting. The lack of diversity comes from a lack of interesting, funny, unique, different points of view, experiences, and knowledge. These bloggers also respond to the comments left to them. To me these are the qualities that make for good posts by good bloggers.

One question is – why have we lost diversity? Petty jealousies, judgments, are a significant factor in this place losing its diversity. I don’t wish to cover that here and now. I only wish they weren’t leaving.
A Member, Unicorns and Eating Pink
Posted:May 25, 2017 3:54 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2017 1:41 pm
Aloha y’all ! ! !

Our friend Ghost wrote a blasphemous post titled [post 3985650] in where he derided the pleasures of pineapple on America’s favorite food – pizza. Perhaps the following and very timely development will sway the spectral one to the fruity and juicy side.

This unicorn, as it were, is pink, yes you read that correctly . . . pink, as in the color many of us desire to have our mouths on. Imagine something juicy and pink . . . riiiight . . . now! Yummy huh?

Paraphrased from Cosmopolitan
“The unicorn of fruit is here and it comes in the form of a hot pink pineapple. Pink. Freaking. Pineapples.

Patented by fruit producer Del Monte, pink pineapples have been in development since 2005 - way before the unicorn. The genetically-modified fruit was finally approved by the FDA for consumption in December.

Del Monte and Dole are now allegedly growing pink pineapples, which are made rose-colored by adding lycopene (the substance that gives tomatoes a ruby hue). The taste is described as "extra sweet pink flesh pineapple."

Back in December nobody really knew what the pink pineapples would look like but now . . .”

(see first comment)

A Sad Day In Blogville
Posted:May 18, 2017 2:08 pm
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2017 6:04 pm

This AM I jumped on the Les Blogs to see what was happening. I noticed a name was missing from my "watch" list and on the messages page her account was marked as "deactivated". It is someone I've been following almost since I started blogging. Her posts covered a number of subjects but recently there were posts about leaving because her dating situation didn't seem to be getting her what she was looking for. I, of course, offered to remedy that situation but the ever present distance issue makes that . . . complicated.

Those that read her probably recall most her Trivia posts even though she posted other things that were thoughtful, intelligent and interesting. This place will be less without her IMO. I will miss 1EroticauthorTwo.

There is probably more I could or maybe should say but I don't feel like it right now.

I posted this in bold red in honor of one of the pics she used as her profile pic, blowing a kiss to ??
Eagles Shall Soar Again
Posted:May 16, 2017 4:39 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2017 1:33 pm

If y'all didn't know by now I am a rabid Eagles fan. I was born and raised in SoCal so they were a significant part of my musical preferences. With Glenn Frey gone (moment of silence please) . . . . . . . . . . Don Henley had at first said the most dreaded words possible - The Eagles will be no more. Yet, as any Eagles fan knows - Hell sure as Hell has frozen over once before. And now it will again.

The Eagles have officially found their replacement for the late Glenn Frey, it’s his son Deacon. On Monday, The Eagles’ Don Henley announced on Dallas sports radio station KTCK that Deacon had signed on to play a number of shows with the band in July.

“There’s going to be an official announcement in a few days, but let’s just do it here,” Henley said. “Glenn’s son Deacon is a very talented young man, and he seems to be up for the task. He’s enthusiastic about it and he’s been working real hard on it, and he’s gonna do it with us. and I think that’s appropriate.”

“There’s an old system both in Eastern and Western culture called the guild system, where the father is the master and the son is the apprentice. The trade, the craft, the business is handed down from father to son,” Henley said.

“I think it’s the only appropriate way to carry on. I don’t think I’d do it otherwise. Since it’s Glenn’s blood, it’s his son, I think that’s appropriate. There’ll be one more musician along for the ride too, but I’m not gonna say who that is.”

“It’s my responsibility to carry on this legacy and to keep these songs alive,” Henley said. “Apparently people still want to hear them. I thought we were done when Glenn passed away and I said as much, but I was in a state of shock at the time. But we have gotten a lot of messages from people all over the world from people who would like to see things continue.”
Posted:May 15, 2017 3:39 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2017 1:29 pm

Given the new limitations I was effectively asked on my last post if the site might charge to blog? This has come up before when things change around here. This is just off the top of my head so I haven't fully thought it through.

My initial thought is no they won't. Reason being, there are lots of places people can "blog" or post stuff/questions/etc on the net. Many are subject specific; politics, sports, travel, etc. - things that do get discussed here. Farcebook is one. The biggest difference is people are, or can be, naked here. Viva Las Naked . Otherwise much of what bloggers do here can be done elsewhere - for free. Unpaid members are potential payers if they come across something here that gets them motivated to pay. Blogging was possibly a source of some paid members when a certain blogger was here and had a very large following.

The only thing(s) that work against us is we (bloggers) are a very small percentage of the total membership on these sites. So we seem to go unnoticed. And standard members are even less then that. If they did charge it wouldn't effect any big number of members.

OK use your words.
Posted:May 8, 2017 8:37 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2017 1:28 pm
I was never a really fan or foe of Martha Stewart and then the stock trading thing made me less impressed. I'm not a kind o guy either - yeah yet another shock to y'all. But Snoop is a RAIDER so I'm OK with him.

But . . . luckily for Martha today I saw this

Martha's ma dog now. Its a good thing. Word.


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