I hope you didn't think I was never going to post here again?  

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6/19/2017 2:03 pm

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I hope you didn't think I was never going to post here again?

Well I hope you didn't give up on me. This has been a rough year for me. Physically I am doing well. I have been doing my PT religiously and getting much stronger. My neck is fine and I have good rotation. I am happy about that. I was able to visit my brother in Dallas on the 29th of April, for a week. He had been in a beautiful Alzheimer's facility for about three month, prior to my visit. I was so thrilled that he knew me, was affectionate to me and I was able to make him laugh a little. In addition to the Alzheimer he had Apafsia. That is a brain disorder when the patient knows what they want to say but what come out of their mouth is nothing you can understand. Jim was 10 years younger than me and my baby brother. The last day I was their I said "Jimmy what is my name" his reply was "the Lone Ranger". I laughed and said "what is the hell does that mean" and he laughed for a few minutes. After I left I thought about in and remembered that The Lone Ranger was a program that the family watched for years. I am not sure that was the meaning but I laugh every time I think of it.
My brother had an IQ of 172 and a brilliant career in Aerospace. He dropped out of high school when he was a Junior, probably because he was bored. My father, got him a job at North American Aviation (which became Rockwell and later Boeing) My father a VP at North American and put Jim in Tool and Dye ( the gust of Aviation) Jim rose up immediately and when he was 29 he was director of the first Shuttle program at Autonetic, another division of North Amerian. He was based down in Coco Beach, FL at the Cape. I visited him there many times and was there when they launched the Mercury Space Capsule. It was at that time that they figured out Jim hadn't graduated from high school and sent him to Pepperdine University in California. I had left my first husband at that time and was living with Jim and his family. It was the first time I ever saw him really study. He was in an advanced educational program where most of his professors were former or working Business men. Of course he breezed thru his GPA and in three years had a masters in Business.
Because of his background in the Space Program, he knew many big shots in the AeroSpace community. Jim was very good friends with Jack Northrop and Jack hired Jim as the Vice President of production on the B2 Shealth Bomber. I was also invited by my brother to be present at the first trial run for that aircraft and Edwards Air Force base. That was thrilling also. Jack passed away and they brought in some young man He locked horns with my brother and fired him, very unceremonously, having Jim walk out of his office surrending his "passes and secret security information" as Jim walked down the aisle and out of the building. My brother was furious. I had never seen him so mad. The McDonnell Douglas brothers heard about that and immediately hired Jim as VP of production on the C17.
I don't remember why Jim left Douglas but he then went with Lockheed and was living in Bethesda, Maryland. He was now VP of Lockheeds Electronis Division. He was living in a madsion back there. Selling his lovely home In Anaheim Hills and taking money bought him that home. Of course I visited there. He even took me to golf at a course that mostly senators golfed on. I can't remember the name. That is guy thing to remember every hole and what they shot on at every course they played. LOL
After about six years Lockheed promoted Jim to be CEO/President of both of Lockheeds Arms and Missile dividions in Dallas and Orlando, Florida. They moved to Southpark TX and bought a magnificent home there that I visited often. My brother could be a real asshole at times. He was also extremely funny also. Beside the IQ he also had a photographic memory.
Please don't think I bragging. I had nothing to do with his successes. He was, by far, the smartest man I ever knew and the family was very proud of him. There is reason, an important reason I have told you about him. He retired in 2013 and six months later was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I will never get my head around that. His beautiful beautiful 1965 Shelby Cobra is sitting in the garage now, show room perfect. He once took me outside of town to some lonely road and took it up to 230 mph. I was screaming for him to slow down. He laughed and took it up to 241mph. When he finally slowed down he said he had taken it to top speed of 250 many times.
I might have to finish this tomorrow. I lost my baby brother this last Saturday and I need to know that I can get though this without breaking down. I am going to promise you all that I will try to finish the tomorrow. There is a message I need to talk to you about in relation to what I have written today and will finish tomorrow.
Hugs to all of you who have waited for an update and follow my blog here. When I finish this about my brother and the message of what we have gone though, I surely will try to work on the end of my life story, up until now. I will have to go back and see where I left off. I have really been side tracked since last October, when I started my cervical spine issue.
My love to you all

AmorphousAmor 61M
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6/19/2017 4:45 pm

Welcome back, it's truly OUR pleasure...

passionately68 replies on 6/20/2017 10:45 am:
AAA hugs dear and thank you ever so much. I will finish this update today.........promise. Physically I am doing fine but a little emotional right now.
Hugs my friend

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6/19/2017 9:27 pm

My deepest sympathies but take heart that he lived well, he enjoyed life and he gave to the world. Sounds to me like both sides won on this.

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6/19/2017 11:37 pm

Well glad I looked at you blog. I guess I was reading it right your brother passed away Sat. Well I'm so terribly sorry that has come to pass. Indeed we spoke about this and I think his higher power did not what him to suffer anymore, It makes one wonder why, I don't know the answers to that but remember you had the privilege to be is sister and he your brother. I wish or maybe they need cross paths and that was my brother in law Bob, who made a career out of the Army going to school after schools the Presidio in Monterey, CA, Where he had a maters degree in Space Electrical Engineering and was with the Star Wars Program. your brothers life made me think maybe they did cross paths , Hope so Bob was a great friend and brother-in-law, , And as we spoke you didn't want him to go thru more pain than he had..
Death is such a personal thing that my words are just words , No one can feel the pain as you do. But I can share in it the grief you feels.
in my heart and thoughts.

passionately68 replies on 6/20/2017 11:02 am:
Jimmy thank you sweetheart. I don't give out my brother's name but he is all over the internet. He was a very special guy and I have great pride in him. You are right about words at a time like this. I can't get back for his funeral but I was trying to and wanted to give him my eulogy. I always give eulogies and try to make people laugh. Most often I am very successful. I sent it to my sister in law and I hope she has someone that can read it for me. Interesting that your brother in law might have crossed paths with him. Surely could have happened.
Darling friend, thank you again and I am working on some things
Hugs and kisses,

sixforu69 71M
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6/20/2017 8:38 pm

Judy, am so sorry to hear that your brother died since you have been back from visiting him. I know you were very proud of him and all he accomplished in his life.
My words doesn't mean much but I know the feeling of losing a brother as I did my middle one at the young age of 66 from COPD and enpheysema. My deepest sympathy goes out to you and to his family and wish you could have made it back for the funeral. I see why you didn't explain and said check your blog. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs..........Jerry

passionately68 replies on 6/21/2017 9:56 am:
Jerry I am sorry to hear you lost a brother. Sounds like he was a smoker. My second husband died of the same thing. I know that people with that combination of disease are not really in pain but terrible anxiety because they can't breathe. I am leaving on July first for a month in Kauai. I have asked my sister in law to fly over for a couple of weeks and stay with us. I hope she can do that. I won't be able to post to this blog until I return. I can answer emails and messages here via my phone and tablet but nothing more than that. I think I will let this sit here in hopes that a few might protect themselves and their families with a simple piece of paper.
My love to you

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