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Nothing like being judged to make your day! 😑
Posted:Feb 10, 2018 1:29 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2018 7:49 am

This persistent drizzling here is really doing a number in me. I started off my day pretty cheerful, but I swear this weather’s getting to me.

Today started off pretty nicely. My boytoy is visiting and he’s already been here a week. He usually sleeps on the couch when the husband’s home but we caught a movie in bed last night and all three of us ended up squeezing in bed together. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing, cos even in a queen sized bed, every time either one of us moves, I kinda wake a lil. Anyways, so I woke up with the bf half spooning the lower half of my body while I was turned into the husband. I don’t know why, but half awake, I reach down and ran my hands on the inside of the husband’s thigh, slowly moving upwards, played with his balls a lil.

He moans slightly and by the time I reach his dick, it was already semi hard. I turned to face up and continued on the Husband with my right hand while my left found the bf’s already hard. I continued to jerk them off like this for awhile. I then sat up, got them to move closer together while I straddled each of their legs. I really wanted to make them cum like this so when the bf started jerking himself off, I slapped his hands away. Kind of a mistake on my part. This went on for a good 15mins! I started off groggy but at this point, I was perspiring and my hands were fucking numb! Lol

I also realised I couldn’t do them both with equal ferocity at the same time. Lol
I had to lick and suck on their balls before they started to tighten up. I eventually finished them off one at a time but at least it was close. Like 15secs apart 😝 It was a good way to start the day, but damn my forearms were shot! I’m really gonna wonder when I meet people with strong handshakes 😉

We had a bit of fun together in the shower before we had breakfast and I sent them off on their way. It’s been two weeks since the Husband is back and a week since the bf came by so, I kinda wanted a bit of space to myself.

So we parted after breakfast and both of them went off to do something together, I think. And I rode off to the supermarket cos I wanted to get myself a few things before I got home and just have the house to myself. It started pouring a few seconds into riding to the supermarket and I was mildly drenched by the time I got there. I was in a yellow sundress and no underwear so, it kinda was a little wet tshirt contest-ish. Not completely see through, to be fair. But anyways. I was in the supermarket minding my own when some lady blurted out “why do some people need to dress like tramps? Why can’t you have some dignity for yourself and cover up?”

I didn’t pay any attention to it til I looked up and saw two ladies shaking their heads and eyeballing me. Took me a few seconds for it to sink in that they were referring to me. I then got a lil upset and wanted to tell them to fuck the hell off but they just turned and walked away. So, of course I go after them 😝 I caught up with them at the cashier and one of them went “tsk!” as soon as I caught her eye. So I asked if they had a problem with me, and of course they said no. They just flat out refused to say anything directly to me. I stood there for awhile deciding if I wanted to kick up a fuss, then decided to just let that go. It’s their own fucking issue if they can’t deal with how the human body actually looks like. Cos underneath, we are pretty much the same. Not identical, but... oh you know what I mean. Maybe they were offended cos I had darker nipples..? Haha.. who the fuck cares.

Anyways, so yeah. Not even noon and people get all judge mentalish. Ah well.
I hope they don’t waltz down to the beach cos they are sure to lose their marbles there 😉
The guys should be back soon I think. Lemme appreciate the silence a bit more before that. I think sending them off was a pretty good idea. I’m a bit more enthusiastic about what we’ll be doing tonight now. 😊

Thanks for reading. Hope your weekend is going well.
Til next time
Smoking is such a nasty habit..
Posted:Jan 29, 2018 3:04 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2018 7:49 am

Why does it feel so good though? 😝

I’m not proud to admit but, I’ve been smoking rather regularly again. Well, started when I got back to Bali this year. Thought I’d kicked the habit for good, and what’s worse, I thought I could resist the urges if and when they came up but ah well, I can’t 😏 I’ve always been a social smoker in the past but I guess this time I’m a little more social than

Anyhow. Today has been quite interesting. I spent the morning at the beach with a friend. He’s an American (I think) who has business here. Actually, he owns the gym that I’ve been frequenting in the last few months. That’s how we befriended each other. His girlfriend also works in the same gym and I’m quite friendly with them both. This morning I met them both at the beach to surf. Okay, they surfed. I didn’t 😋 I was the official bag watcher, meaning I watched all our bags while they both went out surfing. It was quite enjoyable. I took the opportunity to soak in some sun. I went topless, which officially isn’t allowed here but it was quite empty in the beach and as long as no one kicks up a fuss it’s uaually ok.

We were there a few hours, half the time I was by myself and I realised I actually missed city life. Funny how laying in the sun, spurred on my the sound of waves kinda take your mind to places it doesn’t normally go. But I digress. Yeah, I miss city life. Never thought I would, but there you go. When I wasn’t alone, my conversation with them covered many things, but at the back of my mind, I kept wondering to myself if I’d fuck them both 😳 Lol. It then also hit me, that I’m now “that” person who think about fucking their random friends. LOL

In my defence, the wind and waves and little clothing between us does carry your mind to particular places 😋 It was a nice day out til we spotted a few younger guys with their phones taking pictures (it’s so fucking irritating though, isn’t it? Like how do you stop them from invading your space like that? In actual fact, don’t think you can). So we left, grabbed a late lunch and I came back.

Also, the husband’s back. He’s in his study working at the moment so....hence my blogging 😏
He came back over the weekend and only got home early Saturday morning. He dropped me a text notifying me he was in his way and told me not to wait up. I did. It was drizzling quite heavily by the time he got back and I decided I’d meet him outside to help with his bags. I threw on a thin white tshirt with nothing underneath, and made it a point to stand in the rain a little longer than necessary. By the time he lugged his luggage to the gate, my tshirt was quite wet and I was admittedly quite cold 😝 (FYI - cold is quite a mood killer) He just smiled when he was me, and ran over to kiss me. He was grabbing my ass and sliding his hands up my back to remove the tshirt when I stopped him and told him to pick it up in the shower. That, was quite an enjoyable shower. I kept my wet tshirt on the entire time we fucked and I realised, it was such a simple thing to do. Personal wet tshirt show. Heheh...

We spoke a lot on a few things and I’m Glad we’re both in agreement on how we’re moving forward. It was a long talk that night but, we were playing with each other as we spoke. At one point I was alternating between sucking his dick, licking his balls and just stroking his dick slowly while talking about how we feel about fucking other people. It was the openness and the willingness to engage that was such a turn on for me. Heheh...

So yeah, anyways. We’re good for now. It’s going to be a few weeks before he travels again so I might not be on to blog that often.

Thanks for reading. 😘
A haphazard rant. My thoughts are all over the place.
Posted:Jan 24, 2018 6:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2018 5:49 pm

It’s barely 10am here and it’s already been a whirlwind of a day. I’ve just made myself a cup of tea so I’m gonna take a break from it all and blog. Why not right?

I was woken up at 3.30am this morning with a phone call from a Friend. She was frantic cos she found out her Husband has been frequenting a social escort service numeral times over the last few years. Particularly when he’s travelling for work. Her phone call has jolted me up from a wonderful wet dream, of which I can’t remember the details now, but it was really good and it left me really really horny. But being a friend, I took the call, which lasted a solid two hours and she wasn’t really calm still when we hung up, and that kinda was a buzzkill.

It was an intense call and I couldn’t sleep after so I got up, washed myself, made myself breakfast and in the process, burning myself a little (cooking nude has its dangers, especially when you’re not fully awake😣), then started work. I’m trying to remain nude as much as I can today (cos, why not?) and had to fight off a few attempts for video conferences but had to take a long work call. So that sucked. My jobs being made redundant and they’re struggling to get as much of the handover done. So yeah, that’s my morning.

Now I’m sitting on my kitchen counter typing and trying to slow things down. I am still horny, like, really horny but I can’t stop thinking about my friend’s situation. Made me think of my own. The Husband travels a heck of a lot for work. He’s back early next week, and spends a week or two back before he’s off again for a week or two again. I miss him, of course I do (especially on days like today😏 I could really use him right now. A LOT of pent up sexual energy. He best be ready when he gets back. Wait, where was I..? Ah yes. I miss him. But at the same time, I like the alone time. He kinda gets in the way sometimes when he’s back. I Guess you know what I’m talking about if you’re living with someone, right?

Speaking of which, there’re still a few issues, like big issues we need to get through but all that will have to wait for a few days after. Fuck I’m horny. Sorry, getting distracted.

Back to this. I guess I would be upset too if I found out the Husband was hiring escorts on the sly. The not informing me bit would be more harmful considering our relationship, but you know what I mean. That’s why we need to resolve our issues. Cos, my boy toy is coming to visit and I’d like to have him here without having our issues weigh us all down. Ah well, first world problems 🤨

Anyhow, it’s getting a bit chilly here but I’m quite adamant on keeping my clothes off today, cos I wanna clean up the place and do laundry and those are two more things I’ve come to do nude. Maybe I’ll grab a blanket and sit outside for a bit. Does that count against my muse day? Annnyways, lemme run. I’ll post on something a lil more interesting and less all over the place next time
Here’s to silver fucking linings!
Posted:Jan 21, 2018 8:38 pm
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2018 6:03 am

I just had my first naked yoga class in about a year, and the first since I’ve moved here so, let’s hope I keep that Zen-ness going. It was a Russian girl who conducted the class and there was only another lady present. The nice thing was we were outdoors. It’s a little overcast but otherwise it was good. A lil slow, but ah well. The class could also do with more people.

Ok, so...the last month has been....rough. I hate to go all doom and gloom cos there has been some high points, but overall it’s been rough. So last December I was hospitalised, thankfully I got better, and we (the Husband and tried to salvage our year end by doing a double date with a Friend of mine. It was supposed to only be a date with this Friend of mine but he wanted to include his girlfriend as well and of course the Husband and I agreed.

We met for dinner and everything went well. Mutual flirting, conversation went fantastic and all so we got them back to our hotel room. We started dancing with each other before we swapped partners. I moved with my Friend to the bed when out of nowhere, his Girlfriend started freaking out and then started bawling. So that kinda put a stop to our evening and killed off the mood. They spent another 2hours talking in the bathroom before leaving. So that was that.

We left Singapore, got back here, then the Husband fell ill. Then (sparing you the details, otherwise it’d take too Long) we had a few huge fights before he’s off to japan for work. Then, I find out my job is now compromised due to a structural change. A larger corporation bought over the company last year and are now making changes. Which is ridiculously strange, cos that’s why I got hired to begin with. Anyways, I might be out of a job soon. And this after making all the arrangements to spend more time back in Singapore 😑 Losing the job isn’t that big a deal to me now. The only pain in the ass is we’ve already made arrangements to rent our place out for a few months later this year. So it’s all rather silly now. Sigh.

Now that I’m done whining, there were some high points. Notably meeting this singaporean couple here. A Friend of mine had asked if I was interested in meeting this couple. Usually, that’s be a straight no from me, but this was after one of the big fights with the Husband and he had left for work again. So I figured why not. It was all very strange for me cos I wasn’t planning on anything to happen. I didn’t even bring extra clothes to change. I met them at a CrossFit gym here (which I didn’t even know was here) and I thought that was a fantastic way to break the ice. We got through a tough workout and spent the next half hour talking, getting to know each other. They were both in their late 40s, have two daughters who are already working, and seemed like they had a really nice relationship. Turns out we have a few mutual friends too.

So anyhow, we walk back to their hotel and they invited me up to use their shower. I didn’t bring any clothes, so I almost always decline at this stage, but again, surprising myself, I agreed. We went up, showered and had really enjoyable sex. It’s a little strange putting it that way but the first time with them wasn’t exactly earth shattering, but it was enjoyable. I didn’t have any extra clothes so I remained nude in their room the whole time. I eventually stayed the night, and the whole of the next day with them, holed up in their room.

We called room service for all our meals and answered the door nude a few times. Room service was quite prompt, come to think of it. The entire experience with them was a highlight, if I surprised myself even in the night when we were fucking in the balcony, and we were all sweaty in the humid, Balinese night. All the lights were off, and the sounds and smell of the three of us, swapping bodily fluids. At one point, he was fucking her in the missionary position and I was behind him playing and squeezing his balls. He came in her, and when he withdrew himself from her, I went down on both of them. I sucked him off for a short while before plunging my tongue into her pussy. I could taste his cum in her and we all shared a sloppy kiss after. I thought that was something 😊 Makes me wonder why I haven’t done that in the last few years. LOL

They’ve since gone back but we’re keeping in touch😉 So yeah, that was the silver lining in what has been a rather challenging past month. And we’re not even out of January yet.
Back On My Feet! Literally! And it feels gooooooood
Posted:Dec 18, 2017 9:36 pm
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2018 7:55 am

I’m outta the hospital! I got diharged over the weekend (thank god for that!!) and have been hiding in our hotel room the entire time. Well, the Husband and I did manage a lil dinner date last night, so all in all, let’s hope everything stays positive.

good sign I’m getting back to normal is - I’m blogging from the hotel poolside today 😊 downsides to this is, I can’t get into the water cos I still have stitches in my leg, and I’m in a rather conservative bikini bottom, considering I haven’t actually g for my wax yet😝. But it feels fucking good just being out like this. The weather today is glorious too. A few changes that had to be made while I’m still recovering though - I had to get him to almost sit on my chest while I sucked his dick. It’s odd how we don’t do it that often other times 😝 It’s quite enjoyable....we’ll add that to the menu more often 😉

Also, I’m a lil bummed out we’re not back in Bali for Christmas and the New , cos we actually had plans that I was looking forward to. But! As the best laid plans of mice and men go, this year end has been a lot of unexpected changes. So, last nights dinner kinda trashed out new plans for the year end.

The Husband made a request, which was an odd for him. He wants an upskirt day out, or evening out. Shit. I should tie that down with him. But yeah, he wants me in a short Low-cut dress where I occasionally flash him in public. It can be a bit of fun, but I’m not too big on it, but I suppose I’ll do it just because 😜 Plus I should reward him for taking care of me while I was injured. I think it’ll be hotter with underwear on, but he suggests I go without. Nothing’s confirmed yet, but I’ll get round to it. This weekend maybe...?

Also, I’ve got a few friends who I’d like to catch up with before I leave. Gotta make time for that. of them is an ex of mine from a few ago. He’s a lot older now so, more mature and thankfully, better company. Still doesn’t take away the fact that I only dated him cos I knew he had a big dick. LOL!! Yes yes yes, I know I know.....judge me all you want, I don’t care 😋

So yes, that’s date I’m looking forward to in the next week or so. I’ve got the husband’s blessing for this too, so no holding back. The Husband has asked if he can watch, but I’m not sure if that can work out. These things kinda take time to prepare....still, if he can’t, ive promised him all the details.

Speaking of blessing and dates, I was chatting with my group of fwbs and we were trying to arrange for a get together. We’ve been doing this get together for now and only recently, the husband had joined (once the year before, and once early this year). On hand, I like that he’s finally part of the group. He’s always been uncomfortable with the idea but has come round to it. So on hand, I’m extremely happy that he’s there. On the other, because I’ve known my friends for longer than I’ve been with the Husband, I’m a little different person with them. Like I can’t really let loose with the Husband there, know what I mean? 😝

Ideally I’d like to meet them twice a year, once with the Husband present and once without, but every’s got their own thing going so heduling that is close to impossible. But ah well...that’s still a long way to go so...I’ll see what happens.

Anyhow, it’s good to get some sun but I’m getting weird Tan lines 😜LOL
I should get back in. I’ll blog again soon. Thanks for reading this self absorbed rant 😋
I am so sick of being sick!
Posted:Dec 14, 2017 9:04 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2018 2:20 am

Arrgghh!! I’m losing my fucking mind! It’s been a week and I’m still in hospital! There were complications, meaning the wound got infected again and there had to be a secondary debridment, and that was d days ago. So, it looks ok now so fingers crossed, they might let me leave tomorrow. Fuck!

Ok, on to the better news. I AM finally feeling better. The shivers and fever had passed, which explains the blogging. Wasn’t up to pretty much anything the last few days. BUT! It’s getting better so let’s just focus on that 😋

What I can’t atop focusing on is how badly I need a wax 😳 Every time I go to the bathroom it’s making me gasp! LOL The husband’s asked that I leave it or not take it all off, but I seriously am looking forward to being back on the beaches in Bali, in tiny bikinis so...can’t have any of that sticking out can we.

Then again, I’ve had to push my flight back cos of my extended hospital stay. Cost wise it makes a bit more sense to leave as soon as I’m out but we’ve also been toying with the idea of spending our Christmas and New Year here. Guess it’s just gonna cost us a bit more. I suppose there IS a price to for hanging around 😝 On the flip side, guess I can keep the bush on til right before we leave

Will blog more after I get outta this place. Fuck I’m so ready to get outta here 😖
Posting from a hospital bed: this is a first. Let’s make it the last too
Posted:Dec 10, 2017 12:32 am
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2017 7:13 pm

Wow. I know I always say a lot has happened in the time since my last post but, this might take the cake in terms of drama.

Ok, first off, I’m blogging from a hospital bed, so that’s a first. I’m good now but my god, the whole of last week was a blur of pain and chaos. Fucking Glad that’s over, so let’s put that in perspective.

How it happened:
I was riding back from one of the beach bars and it was a little past 9pm. It’s not late but it gets dark out in Bali. The Husband was working from home so I went out, met a few friends and was heading back. I was riding rather slow, as I always do, and this car tried to overtake me. Three quarter of the way past me, he swerved into me to avoid something, I assume, and the back of his car bumped me off the road and I fell a meter down into a padi field. This fucker didn’t even stop. I was actually lucky it was padi fields I was passing cos it kinda broke my fall. I suffered a huge gash and was bleeding. Passers by helped and they got me to the hospital and I got stitched up. Long story short, I made it home with scrapes and a few stitches, and a broken bike. Fortunate, I accept.

So that was about two weeks back. Late last week, we had flown back to Singapore to sort out some of our documents, and my wound had started swelling. Then I broke out into a fever, and went to the dr, who promptly sent me to the hospital cos my wound’s infected😖
They put me on anti biotics for two days, decided that they had to reopen the wound to remove the infection, stich me back up and am now back on anti biotics. What. A. Drag. But still, hospital here’s nicer than the Balinese one.

Also, while we’re at it, I’ll be spending a little more time here next year on. I’ve been offered a new role and it kinda requires me to be here so....gotta deal with the logistics of that too. But anyhow. Kinda hard to feel sexy when one is unwell huh😝

Although it does remind me of a story a fairly long time ago. The Husband, way back when before he was the Husband, was a colleague of mine. He was also, at the time, someone else’s husband. I can’t remember the extent of his injury but he had injured his knee and was hospitalised. Of course, we went to visit him as colleagues, and I had gone with three other people from the work team. This was all after work one evening. We didn’t stay long as a group and had left but was hanging out talking a few meters outside his room when I made an excuse to go back in.

He was in a two bed room, and the curtains were drawn cos the other person was resting. I went back in, slid my hands under the blanket through the flimsy hospital pants and massaged his balls. To my surprise, he started getting hard, so I moved to stroking his dick. At this point we both could still hear our colleagues talking outside his room while they waited for me. I remember he kept motioning me to stop, but his dick was telling me different, so I leaned in and sucked his dick. Lol. I gave him a bj there and then. It was exciting, for me and for him. He came in my mouth, and we tried to be as quiet as we could, and the freakiest thing was, the exact moment he was done, he covered up and I was still wiping my mouth, his Wife at the time walked in. I smiled at her, still with cum in my mouth, and walked out. I should ask him if he remembers that and if she ever suspected.

But ah well😊 Making memories. Hope I get out of here soon. If I can muster enough sexual energy over the pain, maybe I’ll make my own memories here 😉
Freaky Friday!
Posted:Nov 16, 2017 8:14 pm
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2017 11:48 pm

I hate to start my freaky Friday post by bitching and moaning (not even the good kind!) but I can’t help it. I’ve got a call I’m really, really dreading shortly after lunch and then I’ve got to run out to make a police report (and we know how pleasant it is dealing with the police here) cos someone tried to break into our car, presumably to steal it, a few nights ago. But! For now, let’s keep it pleasant by talking about our own odd fetishes.

When I say “our” fetishes, of course I mean other people’s. Let’s start with the husband’s. 😝

This guy’s got a serious underwear fetish. I knew this early on when we started hooking up cos he kept keeping my underwear after. LOL I’ve never been really into it but it does help cos it makes it easier to get the message across when we want to rouse each other up. We used to work in the same office too so plenty of ways to sneak a lil fun here and there like that. It got a lil irritating when I kept losing my underwear though, but that’s not even the worse.

Thus far, two big issues I’ve had with him regarding this. One, when we used to fool around in his office, I used to find a few of my underwear in his drawer. And they’re almost always used underwear 😳 I’ve no qualms about him using them to masturbate if it gets him going, but keeping them in there for weeks and months, is quite frankly, freaking me the fuck out. I used to make him throw them out 🤣

Another time it got to me was when I found him going through laundry. The only problem with that was, at the time, I had housemates and we each had our own laundry basket in the laundry room. He went through each of my friends and my laundry basket. That, was mortifying. I was so fucking embarrassed.

Onto the boyfriend’s fetish-he’s a lot younger, so he’s shown he has a few voyeuristic preferences. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I found out the extent of it. I was on the phone with him and we were planning his trip out here again at the end of the year. We were talking about what we wanted to do together and I went into the study to look for the Husband to confirm dates, activities and everything else.

The conversation moved on to what we’d do to each other and that got all 3 of us a little excited. I was still in the phone when the Husband dragged me off my seat, bent me over his work desk, pulled my shorts down and went down on me. I told the bf I needed to go when he insisted we kept on the line. The first ten minutes of it, I actually tried to describe when the Husband and I were doing cos the HD kept asking. But after awhile it took all my concentration just to keep the phone up. Lol

They each have a few more but let’s just stop here. As far as personal preferences go, I suppose those aren’t that all bad. I’ve dated a few that had really odd ones😜

I’m keeping this short cos I actually gotta shower and prep for my video con-call. Fuck I’m dreading it 😑 Til next time, thanks for stopping by
I threw my first punch at a stranger!
Posted:Nov 15, 2017 12:04 am
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2017 11:50 pm

Last night, as I was walking back to my bike after the gym, som drunk kid (now I say kid but I mean early 20s kid) came up and straight up harassed me. Now I usually park right at the gym but last night I parked at a supermarket a few small streets away cos I needed to get something. I had to walk past a few pubs from the gym. I’ve taken that route many times.
So last night, this skinny boy, in his backpack and cap, was already making catcalls. Now I understand this is year end in Bali, a lot of holiday goers, so fine.

I didn’t pay him too much attention until I walked past him, and he has clearly been drinking. He started calling out “hey baby, wow you’re fit! And beautiful!” It caught me by surprise cos he looked like a scrawny kid, backpack and all. I laughed to myself, and thanked him and told him he should go back and enjoy his drink, cos he was walking beside me. I don’t know how he could have taken that as a positive response, cos he ran up to me, grabbed my hand and pulled himself towards me. He now had his free hand by my hips and was moving it to my ass, and was trying to pull me back to where him and his friends were seated. I got really pissed, and shrugged him off and told him he should really take a hike. He reached for my hand again and I actually swung my fist at his face. Haha! I threw my first street punch!

I’ve taken a few boxing and Muay Thai classes, even sparred a few times before but never, ever did I imagine I’d do something like that. I’m quite proud of myself. Hahahhaa

Anyways, it missed his Chin by a fraction and he stepped back and dropped his drink. Before he reacted his friends ran up and apologised and dragged him away. I just stormed off cos I was pissed as fuck. But yeah, fucking idiots 😖 hahaha....I sound like my old grumpy-assed husband 😋
Ball shaving, wrong bras and the randomness of an odd Halloween
Posted:Nov 9, 2017 11:03 pm
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2018 7:56 am

I find myself in a lil weird spot cos I’m done with work for the day and it’s just past 1pm where I am. I’d like to ride out to the beach and lay naked in the sun but alas! I cannot. I’ve got a bit of cleaning up to do, take the laundry to the cleaners, and prep dinner. Fucking chores! I hate you! 😜 The weather here isn’t helping either. Direct sunshine is a faint memory and it’s replaced by rain. Every. Damn. Day 😑

Anyhoot, I came back home last night to a really weird sight. Well, not completely weird but just the complete randomness of it. I walked in on the Husband shaving his balls. LOL. It’s not like I’ve never seen it before, I’ve even helped him in many occasions, but just walking in on him, seated with his legs apart, pulling his dick up so he could shave, and doing everything ever so gently, that made me laugh😋

Oh! Another thing (I’m a lil all-over-the-place so bear with me), admittedly, I don’t have large tits. They’re not entirely flat either, but by today’s standards, they’re not huge. And yet, when I exercise, or run especially, I need to right sports bra. So every time I see some of the ladies in the gym that I go to, some of them have breats waaaaay larger than mine, and they’re on the treadmill running, and clearly have on bras that offer absolutely no support. I’ve told some of my friends about this and they’re all “yeah!”. Admittedly, they’re also mostly guys😖 But all I’m thinking is how uncomfortable, and even painful it is. Shit ladies, invest in a proper bra!

What was I gonna monologue about again? Oh yes. This is a bit late, but better late than never, I hope. My Halloween. 😉

We didn’t plan to do anything on Halloween. The Husband and I talked about heading out to party but we weren’t sure where to go so we decided we’d just stay home. Then the day before, we got invited to a party hosted by this singaporean couple who lives about an hours drive away from where we are. They were throwing a costume/ S&M Halloween party and had asked that we join them. We weren’t gonna attend at first, Cos we didn’t really know them that well and, we just weren’t into them. The male half of the couple always seemed a lil creepy to me, like always leering, and the female half was a lil fake, if you know what I mean. They’ve invited us to a few of their parties but we’ve never attended, so I thought this was to be yet another.

Then on the day itself, in the spur of the moment, we decided to go and I did three things that I haven’t done in a long, looong time.
- went to a themed party with a bunch of complete strangers
- dressed up and went to a themed party with a bunch of complete strangers
- dressed up and left the house in my attire and went to a themed...well, you get the idea 😋

We weren’t big on s&m so we just slapped what we had together and drove there. I had a black leather open bra corset, black and red g-string underwear, knee high boots. I even put on on a collar and had a chain attached. I only put on the nipple clamps when we got there. The Husband put on a black bow tie and went in his underwear. We rock/paper/scissors and I lost so, the collar and chain went on me😝

Like I said, we weren’t big s&m’ers, if there’s such a term, so it was embarrassing enough when we left the house dressed as we were, let alone drive all the way there and then knock on their door. But there was something in the air and we did. There were four other couples, including the hosts, and everyone looked the part. There was even a gag on one of the guys. Damn they were committed 😜

We didn’t end up playing with anyone but we did make some friends, which was nice (although I doubt we’d invite each other over for dinner anytime soon), and we did have a little fun, but we stuck with each other the entire time. We didn’t stay long too, cos the atmosphere there just didn’t seem....right. I DID get my hands tied overhead to a chain hanging from the ceiling in one of their rooms while the husband was pulling on my nipple rings and fingering me, trying to get me off. Two of the couples were in the same room watching and doing their thing but, we weren’t completely comfortable so we left. When we got to the car, I stripped my Husband of his underpants and he drove us back butt naked while I played with him and myself on the way.

When we got back, we didn’t even made it inside. He tied me to the steering wheel and we fucked standing outside the car. I was a bit conscious cos I do have a neighbour who flies his drone around occasionally, but we were so into it we weren’t really aware after awhile.

All in all it was a weird one. The night went well, but I Guess the odd feeling I have is cod of how everything played out. Ah well. Like everything else, we’ll see where this leads 😊

Thanks for reading
The Things You Learn About Yourself Through Other People
Posted:Oct 27, 2017 1:27 am
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2017 11:46 pm

This was what I originally wanted to post about before I got distracted (and posted what I had posted earlier). Anyways, we've moved here for a good few months now, granted it isn't that long, but it feels a LOT longer. When friends found out we've moved to Bali a lot of them have called and/or dropped me messages and that, in turn has led to a lot of some really interesting conversations.

It's never comfortable to hear things about yourself, or rather I've always found discomfort in finding out how I'm perceived by others, especially close friends. So, sex site and all, I'll leave out the other non--sexed items.

Here's some of the things that I've been told about myself:😳
- I'm cock hungry.
I only accepted it cos after thinking about it, it's not untrue. That plus it came from the closest person I know, my husband 🤣

- I get dick drunk.
I didn't even know that was a thing. This came from a group of very close friends with whom I've played with for many many years. Apparently after I cum a few times, especially hard, I zone out and become incoherent. On a personal note, I disagree with this and am attributing it to fatigue. I'm tempted to ask the Husband but maybe next time. Moving on

- I need a few dicks to satisfy me.
My opinion, not true. I've been in relationships with girls and had gone years without the need for a dick😋

- I play rough. 😏
Well, it really depends on who I'm with

- I'm "nasty"
I don't think so. I've seen "nasty". My best friend in HK. THAT, is kinky-ass-nasty. I'm nowhere near her league. Lol

- A screamer
Again, depends on who I'm with. And many I'm with 😉

- Dominant, as in I always take the lead
Not true

Some of what they told me was a lil hard to swallow (pardon the pun). It would have been easier to take if they weren't all such close friends. I would have just attributed it to different sides I show to different people. But oh well. All part and parcel of developing as a person 😊

Anyways. I'm gonna stop abruptly here. Gotta run.
TIl next time!
If it's online, well then it must be true 😑
Posted:Oct 27, 2017 12:55 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2017 3:54 pm

Fuck. It's a Friday, late afternoon and I think I'm pretty much done for the day work wise. I'm pretty sure I've got nothing else that requires my attention. But! The only effing drawback to this is I've got a call at 9pm later. 9pm!! On a Friday night! Motherfuckers! 😝

Anyhow. I'm pretty bad at keeping up with a lotta things, so I'm not even sure if officially, it's a big thing or not, so bear with me if after reading, you find that it isn't. So apparently back in Singapore it seems like there's a movement to go braless 😐 I saw it on social media among few friends and it's all "it's about time we (women) are not restricted by societal expectations" and all that. I agree. But. I also think, wear a bra, don't wear a bra, that's your choice. While I completely understand what they're trying to do, I just never saw it as a big deal.

Personally, I'm usually braless, although I'm also torn between the comfort of letting them hang loose, I also want to fight gravity 😝 And therein lies my own personal dilemma. But I digress, back to this.

So yeah, I don't know if there's a real movement to go braless in Singapore but hey, if that's your choice, then more power to you ✊️On a side note, isn't it always around this time of year they do this? Maybe it's just me...

On to other news, and this one got me a lil angry, rather embarrassingly.

I was chatting with a few friends back in Singapore via a chat group and I had asked if they still do their wickedweasel weekend at one of the beach clubs, and they said no. Apparently a few months back they were there and someone had taken a picture of one of their friends and posted it online, and that in turn got her a lot of unwanted attention. She got recognised, and then came the online abuse. Like seriously, if an image of someone's bare ass is offensive to you, why can't people just look away? Fucktards. So anyhow I offered them up a spot here to wear as little as possible and they're now planning something. Maybe end of the year hopefully? It'd be nice to see them again 😊

Sorry, rant over.
Sundays = Ass Days!
Posted:Oct 23, 2017 12:19 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2017 9:06 pm

Well, not that kinda ass day. The Husband and I took a day out and went to the beach. Well, a beach club to be exact, which is rare cos we don't do that at all, usually. Ok, a bit of a back story - I joined a gym here a few months back and there was a trainer attached to me my first time there to go through what each equipment was for etc etc. I didn't hire him but through him, I got to know a few of the people working there.

One of the front counter staff and I got to talking about a week back and we agreed to meet up on a Sunday morning when she wasn't working, to soak up some sun at the beach. Everything was fine until Saturday evening she dropped me a text that a few of her colleagues also wanted to join in, including that particular trainer. I wasn't too crazy with the idea, mainly cos,
1) the only bikinis I have with me here don't cover much. They are mostly micros.
2) That particular trainer was talking to my chest the entire time he ran through the orientation with me.

I was clothed at the time, I can only imagine how...blatant he'd be. So, I was about to bail on all of them when they moved the venue from a spot at the beach to a beach club that I've been wanting to check out since we got here.

So I thought I'd get the Husband involved and kinda kill two birds with one stone. After our Taiwan trip where we fought more than make up, I figured we could do with a day out. And Sunday, beach club, bali, I wouldn't be the only one with my ass out, right?

Well wrong, actually. Turns out the place was relatively crowded, but not a thong or g-string bikini in sight. It was awkward to say the least. BUT(T)!! What the heck, right? I didn't pack up and move here to shy away from some sun. Plus, my ass needs sun too! 😝 So yeah, this is my new pledge, Sundays are ass out days at the beach. Let's try to get this going 😉 I didn't mingle much with any of them, and they too kinda left the hubby and I alone. Think we both are out of their age range. LOL!! They're all in their mid 20s I think 😝 I wasn't too comfortable with the whole thing but I'm glad I stepped a lil out of my comfort zone and went with it.

So today we're both working from home, which is not uncommon, and I had a call this morning. I was already an hour into my call and had begun to drift when I saw him in his boardshorts, fresh from the shower, grabbing his coffee to go into the study to do his work. I got up, walked over to him, cupped my phone and kissed him. Before our lips parted I bit into his lower lip, just for kicks 😋 We've done this to each other so many times when we're on the phone, we automatically make as little noise as possible. I then used my free hand to untie his shorts, then led him the study, sat on his work chair, let his shorts drop to the floor before playing with his balls and sucking gently on the tip of his dick to get him hard. Didn't take long 🤣

It was...not as enjoyable as I had imagined in my head. LOL! It was hard trying to concentrate on work AND suck a dick! They had to call my name a few times to get my attention on the phone but I think I did a pretty good job. I didn't skip a beat work wise😜 I was only completely silent for a few seconds when the husband had his hands around my head and was jamming his dick down my throat. It was messy as fuck too cos I couldn't risk slurping and well, literally drooled all over the floor😑 I did end the call with cum on my forehead and left cheek though. Hahahhaa 😝

All in all it was a good start to my day. Now I'm just waiting for his call to start later tonight so I'd make sure he returns the favour 😉 I've already secretly cleared away all sharp objects from his dexk. So yeah, I hope your weekend went well and you have a kicking start to the week! Plus! It's close to Halloween! Got plans? Do tell!

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