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Freaky Friday!
Posted:Nov 16, 2017 8:14 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2017 10:52 am

I hate to start my freaky Friday post by bitching and moaning (not even the good kind!) but I can’t help it. I’ve got a call I’m really, really dreading shortly after lunch and then I’ve got to run out to make a police report (and we know how pleasant it is dealing with the police here) cos someone tried to break into our car, presumably to steal it, a few nights ago. But! For now, let’s keep it pleasant by talking about our own odd fetishes.

When I say “our” fetishes, of course I mean other people’s. Let’s start with the husband’s. 😝

This guy’s got a serious underwear fetish. I knew this early on when we started hooking up cos he kept keeping my underwear after. LOL I’ve never been really into it but it does help cos it makes it easier to get the message across when we want to rouse each other up. We used to work in the same office too so plenty of ways to sneak a lil fun here and there like that. It got a lil irritating when I kept losing my underwear though, but that’s not even the worse.

Thus far, two big issues I’ve had with him regarding this. One, when we used to fool around in his office, I used to find a few of my underwear in his drawer. And they’re almost always used underwear 😳 I’ve no qualms about him using them to masturbate if it gets him going, but keeping them in there for weeks and months, is quite frankly, freaking me the fuck out. I used to make him throw them out 🤣

Another time it got to me was when I found him going through laundry. The only problem with that was, at the time, I had housemates and we each had our own laundry basket in the laundry room. He went through each of my friends and my laundry basket. That, was mortifying. I was so fucking embarrassed.

Onto the boyfriend’s fetish-he’s a lot younger, so he’s shown he has a few voyeuristic preferences. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I found out the extent of it. I was on the phone with him and we were planning his trip out here again at the end of the year. We were talking about what we wanted to do together and I went into the study to look for the Husband to confirm dates, activities and everything else.

The conversation moved on to what we’d do to each other and that got all 3 of us a little excited. I was still in the phone when the Husband dragged me off my seat, bent me over his work desk, pulled my shorts down and went down on me. I told the bf I needed to go when he insisted we kept on the line. The first ten minutes of it, I actually tried to describe when the Husband and I were doing cos the HD kept asking. But after awhile it took all my concentration just to keep the phone up. Lol

They each have a few more but let’s just stop here. As far as personal preferences go, I suppose those aren’t that all bad. I’ve dated a few that had really odd ones😜

I’m keeping this short cos I actually gotta shower and prep for my video con-call. Fuck I’m dreading it 😑 Til next time, thanks for stopping by
I threw my first punch at a stranger!
Posted:Nov 15, 2017 12:04 am
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2017 11:46 pm

Last night, as I was walking back to my bike after the gym, som drunk kid (now I say kid but I mean early 20s kid) came up and straight up harassed me. Now I usually park right at the gym but last night I parked at a supermarket a few small streets away cos I needed to get something. I had to walk past a few pubs from the gym. I’ve taken that route many times.
So last night, this skinny boy, in his backpack and cap, was already making catcalls. Now I understand this is year end in Bali, a lot of holiday goers, so fine.

I didn’t pay him too much attention until I walked past him, and he has clearly been drinking. He started calling out “hey baby, wow you’re fit! And beautiful!” It caught me by surprise cos he looked like a scrawny kid, backpack and all. I laughed to myself, and thanked him and told him he should go back and enjoy his drink, cos he was walking beside me. I don’t know how he could have taken that as a positive response, cos he ran up to me, grabbed my hand and pulled himself towards me. He now had his free hand by my hips and was moving it to my ass, and was trying to pull me back to where him and his friends were seated. I got really pissed, and shrugged him off and told him he should really take a hike. He reached for my hand again and I actually swung my fist at his face. Haha! I threw my first street punch!

I’ve taken a few boxing and Muay Thai classes, even sparred a few times before but never, ever did I imagine I’d do something like that. I’m quite proud of myself. Hahahhaa

Anyways, it missed his Chin by a fraction and he stepped back and dropped his drink. Before he reacted his friends ran up and apologised and dragged him away. I just stormed off cos I was pissed as fuck. But yeah, fucking idiots 😖 hahaha....I sound like my old grumpy-assed husband 😋
Ball shaving, wrong bras and the randomness of an odd Halloween
Posted:Nov 9, 2017 11:03 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2017 11:39 pm

I find myself in a lil weird spot cos I’m done with work for the day and it’s just past 1pm where I am. I’d like to ride out to the beach and lay naked in the sun but alas! I cannot. I’ve got a bit of cleaning up to do, take the laundry to the cleaners, and prep dinner. Fucking chores! I hate you! 😜 The weather here isn’t helping either. Direct sunshine is a faint memory and it’s replaced by rain. Every. Damn. Day 😑

Anyhoot, I came back home last night to a really weird sight. Well, not completely weird but just the complete randomness of it. I walked in on the Husband shaving his balls. LOL. It’s not like I’ve never seen it before, I’ve even helped him in many occasions, but just walking in on him, seated with his legs apart, pulling his dick up so he could shave, and doing everything ever so gently, that made me laugh😋

Oh! Another thing (I’m a lil all-over-the-place so bear with me), admittedly, I don’t have large tits. They’re not entirely flat either, but by today’s standards, they’re not huge. And yet, when I exercise, or run especially, I need to right sports bra. So every time I see some of the ladies in the gym that I go to, some of them have breats waaaaay larger than mine, and they’re on the treadmill running, and clearly have on bras that offer absolutely no support. I’ve told some of my friends about this and they’re all “yeah!”. Admittedly, they’re also mostly guys😖 But all I’m thinking is how uncomfortable, and even painful it is. Shit ladies, invest in a proper bra!

What was I gonna monologue about again? Oh yes. This is a bit late, but better late than never, I hope. My Halloween. 😉

We didn’t plan to do anything on Halloween. The Husband and I talked about heading out to party but we weren’t sure where to go so we decided we’d just stay home. Then the day before, we got invited to a party hosted by this singaporean couple who lives about an hours drive away from where we are. They were throwing a costume/ S&M Halloween party and had asked that we join them. We weren’t gonna attend at first, Cos we didn’t really know them that well and, we just weren’t into them. The male half of the couple always seemed a lil creepy to me, like always leering, and the female half was a lil fake, if you know what I mean. They’ve invited us to a few of their parties but we’ve never attended, so I thought this was to be yet another.

Then on the day itself, in the spur of the moment, we decided to go and I did three things that I haven’t done in a long, looong time.
- went to a themed party with a bunch of complete strangers
- dressed up and went to a themed party with a bunch of complete strangers
- dressed up and left the house in my attire and went to a themed...well, you get the idea 😋

We weren’t big on s&m so we just slapped what we had together and drove there. I had a black leather open bra corset, black and red g-string underwear, knee high boots. I even put on on a collar and had a chain attached. I only put on the nipple clamps when we got there. The Husband put on a black bow tie and went in his underwear. We rock/paper/scissors and I lost so, the collar and chain went on me😝

Like I said, we weren’t big s&m’ers, if there’s such a term, so it was embarrassing enough when we left the house dressed as we were, let alone drive all the way there and then knock on their door. But there was something in the air and we did. There were four other couples, including the hosts, and everyone looked the part. There was even a gag on one of the guys. Damn they were committed 😜

We didn’t end up playing with anyone but we did make some friends, which was nice (although I doubt we’d invite each other over for dinner anytime soon), and we did have a little fun, but we stuck with each other the entire time. We didn’t stay long too, cos the atmosphere there just didn’t seem....right. I DID get my hands tied overhead to a chain hanging from the ceiling in one of their rooms while the husband was pulling on my nipple rings and fingering me, trying to get me off. Two of the couples were in the same room watching and doing their thing but, we weren’t completely comfortable so we left. When we got to the car, I stripped my Husband of his underpants and he drove us back butt naked while I played with him and myself on the way.

When we got back, we didn’t even made it inside. He tied me to the steering wheel and we fucked standing outside the car. I was a bit conscious cos I do have a neighbour who flies his drone around occasionally, but we were so into it we weren’t really aware after awhile.

All in all it was a weird one. The night went well, but I Guess the odd feeling I have is cod of how everything played out. Ah well. Like everything else, we’ll see where this leads 😊

Thanks for reading
The Things You Learn About Yourself Through Other People
Posted:Oct 27, 2017 1:27 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2017 3:55 pm

This was what I originally wanted to post about before I got distracted (and posted what I had posted earlier). Anyways, we've moved here for a good few months now, granted it isn't that long, but it feels a LOT longer. When friends found out we've moved to Bali a lot of them have called and/or dropped me messages and that, in turn has led to a lot of some really interesting conversations.

It's never comfortable to hear things about yourself, or rather I've always found discomfort in finding out how I'm perceived by others, especially close friends. So, sex site and all, I'll leave out the other non--sexed items.

Here's some of the things that I've been told about myself:😳
- I'm cock hungry.
I only accepted it cos after thinking about it, it's not untrue. That plus it came from the closest person I know, my husband 🤣

- I get dick drunk.
I didn't even know that was a thing. This came from a group of very close friends with whom I've played with for many many years. Apparently after I cum a few times, especially hard, I zone out and become incoherent. On a personal note, I disagree with this and am attributing it to fatigue. I'm tempted to ask the Husband but maybe next time. Moving on

- I need a few dicks to satisfy me.
My opinion, not true. I've been in relationships with girls and had gone years without the need for a dick😋

- I play rough. 😏
Well, it really depends on who I'm with

- I'm "nasty"
I don't think so. I've seen "nasty". My best friend in HK. THAT, is kinky-ass-nasty. I'm nowhere near her league. Lol

- A screamer
Again, depends on who I'm with. And many I'm with 😉

- Dominant, as in I always take the lead
Not true

Some of what they told me was a lil hard to swallow (pardon the pun). It would have been easier to take if they weren't all such close friends. I would have just attributed it to different sides I show to different people. But oh well. All part and parcel of developing as a person 😊

Anyways. I'm gonna stop abruptly here. Gotta run.
TIl next time!
If it's online, well then it must be true 😑
Posted:Oct 27, 2017 12:55 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2017 3:54 pm

Fuck. It's a Friday, late afternoon and I think I'm pretty much done for the day work wise. I'm pretty sure I've got nothing else that requires my attention. But! The only effing drawback to this is I've got a call at 9pm later. 9pm!! On a Friday night! Motherfuckers! 😝

Anyhow. I'm pretty bad at keeping up with a lotta things, so I'm not even sure if officially, it's a big thing or not, so bear with me if after reading, you find that it isn't. So apparently back in Singapore it seems like there's a movement to go braless 😐 I saw it on social media among few friends and it's all "it's about time we (women) are not restricted by societal expectations" and all that. I agree. But. I also think, wear a bra, don't wear a bra, that's your choice. While I completely understand what they're trying to do, I just never saw it as a big deal.

Personally, I'm usually braless, although I'm also torn between the comfort of letting them hang loose, I also want to fight gravity 😝 And therein lies my own personal dilemma. But I digress, back to this.

So yeah, I don't know if there's a real movement to go braless in Singapore but hey, if that's your choice, then more power to you ✊️On a side note, isn't it always around this time of year they do this? Maybe it's just me...

On to other news, and this one got me a lil angry, rather embarrassingly.

I was chatting with a few friends back in Singapore via a chat group and I had asked if they still do their wickedweasel weekend at one of the beach clubs, and they said no. Apparently a few months back they were there and someone had taken a picture of one of their friends and posted it online, and that in turn got her a lot of unwanted attention. She got recognised, and then came the online abuse. Like seriously, if an image of someone's bare ass is offensive to you, why can't people just look away? Fucktards. So anyhow I offered them up a spot here to wear as little as possible and they're now planning something. Maybe end of the year hopefully? It'd be nice to see them again 😊

Sorry, rant over.
Sundays = Ass Days!
Posted:Oct 23, 2017 12:19 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2017 9:06 pm

Well, not that kinda ass day. The Husband and I took a day out and went to the beach. Well, a beach club to be exact, which is rare cos we don't do that at all, usually. Ok, a bit of a back story - I joined a gym here a few months back and there was a trainer attached to me my first time there to go through what each equipment was for etc etc. I didn't hire him but through him, I got to know a few of the people working there.

One of the front counter staff and I got to talking about a week back and we agreed to meet up on a Sunday morning when she wasn't working, to soak up some sun at the beach. Everything was fine until Saturday evening she dropped me a text that a few of her colleagues also wanted to join in, including that particular trainer. I wasn't too crazy with the idea, mainly cos,
1) the only bikinis I have with me here don't cover much. They are mostly micros.
2) That particular trainer was talking to my chest the entire time he ran through the orientation with me.

I was clothed at the time, I can only imagine how...blatant he'd be. So, I was about to bail on all of them when they moved the venue from a spot at the beach to a beach club that I've been wanting to check out since we got here.

So I thought I'd get the Husband involved and kinda kill two birds with one stone. After our Taiwan trip where we fought more than make up, I figured we could do with a day out. And Sunday, beach club, bali, I wouldn't be the only one with my ass out, right?

Well wrong, actually. Turns out the place was relatively crowded, but not a thong or g-string bikini in sight. It was awkward to say the least. BUT(T)!! What the heck, right? I didn't pack up and move here to shy away from some sun. Plus, my ass needs sun too! 😝 So yeah, this is my new pledge, Sundays are ass out days at the beach. Let's try to get this going 😉 I didn't mingle much with any of them, and they too kinda left the hubby and I alone. Think we both are out of their age range. LOL!! They're all in their mid 20s I think 😝 I wasn't too comfortable with the whole thing but I'm glad I stepped a lil out of my comfort zone and went with it.

So today we're both working from home, which is not uncommon, and I had a call this morning. I was already an hour into my call and had begun to drift when I saw him in his boardshorts, fresh from the shower, grabbing his coffee to go into the study to do his work. I got up, walked over to him, cupped my phone and kissed him. Before our lips parted I bit into his lower lip, just for kicks 😋 We've done this to each other so many times when we're on the phone, we automatically make as little noise as possible. I then used my free hand to untie his shorts, then led him the study, sat on his work chair, let his shorts drop to the floor before playing with his balls and sucking gently on the tip of his dick to get him hard. Didn't take long 🤣

It was...not as enjoyable as I had imagined in my head. LOL! It was hard trying to concentrate on work AND suck a dick! They had to call my name a few times to get my attention on the phone but I think I did a pretty good job. I didn't skip a beat work wise😜 I was only completely silent for a few seconds when the husband had his hands around my head and was jamming his dick down my throat. It was messy as fuck too cos I couldn't risk slurping and well, literally drooled all over the floor😑 I did end the call with cum on my forehead and left cheek though. Hahahhaa 😝

All in all it was a good start to my day. Now I'm just waiting for his call to start later tonight so I'd make sure he returns the favour 😉 I've already secretly cleared away all sharp objects from his dexk. So yeah, I hope your weekend went well and you have a kicking start to the week! Plus! It's close to Halloween! Got plans? Do tell!
That's it. No more fucking strangers 😑
Posted:Oct 18, 2017 4:33 am
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2017 10:54 pm

I don't get some people. Was out running errands and decided I'd take the scenic route back which involves a little detour passing the beach. I saw a group of three guys and three girls doing partner yoga, or acro yoga on the beach. They were balancing each other on their hands and feet, which is always cool to watch. I've done it a few times and found it quite fun, so I stopped to watch them for awhile.

The girls were in their bikinis and the guys topless and in their shorts. It was all good til one of the girls was balancing upside down on another girl, and her tits fell out. She screamed and made a fairly big deal about it and tried to be modest and covered back up. But they were all in bikinis, and this kept happening a few times, and every time her tits fell out, it was a dramatic attempt to cover up. I suppose that's her way of getting attention from whoever she was trying to get attention from. 😝 I have to say, it was effective, but a lil irritating to watch from the side. LOL But good on her though. Hope she gets laid ☺️

Anyway, I was supposed to continue posting about my recent trip to Taiwan but I just remembered something stupidly unsatisfying I did a few months ago. Let's run with that then, I'll post about Taiwan next time.

This was at the height of my husband's travels and, basically, I wanted to get laid. I had had a few conversations with the Husband on the phone about how sexually depraved I was getting and he suggested I make a few bootycalls. The problem was, my boy toy was back in Beijing and most of my fwbs don't live on this island. There was a guy I used to hook up with who lived further inland but that's not a door I'd like to reopen, if you know what I mean.

So, the best I could come up with at the time was to go on a date. 😳 I have another Friend who runs an Airbnb villa here, who is actively dating. So I gave her a call and we chat and she set me up with some Friend of a Friend of hers. One of those things. The only catch was she only dates younger guys, and naturally had set me up with some young stud. I went with it anyway cos I was just looking to get laid.

So I met this guy (who's name I can't even fucking remember! LOL ) at one of the beach bars here. We chat for a bit and he seemed like a nice guy. Clean cut, tall, blonde, Danish. Reminds me of my boy toy, Cept this one's Dane. So all good. Not the most interesting conversation we had, but I wasn't there for that. I rode a motorbike to our date, so I didn't end up drinking at all. He knocked a few back and we danced for a bit before I suggested we go someplace else. He hopped on behind me and we rode back to my place. I was hesitant to use my own place but the alternative was his place, which was a room in someone's house. I wasn't crazy about that 😜

The entire ride back he was already fondling the inside of my thighs through my pants, and was about to reach down my pants when I stopped him. We were on the road. I let him reach up my tank top to play with my breasts, and he even started biting me lightly on my neck. At this point I remember thinking it was going well. We got back to my place but I didn't want him inside my home so I got him on the couch on the porch outside😋

He was seated on the couch and I was cradling him. He was a sloppy kisser, so I directed his lips to my tits instead. We took each other's top off and he was nibbling and sucking on my nipples and squeezing them with his hands (which was the only thing he managed right. He's lucky he has big hands 😜) and I was grinding on his already hard dick. He moved from one nipple to another but every time he was not sucking or nibbling, he kept saying , "yeah...that's what's up...". What a ducking turn off. Lol

Ok, so I thought, let's shut him up. I told him to lie back and had to tell him firmly twice that I want to sit on his face before he got it. At this point, I remember thinking this was killing the mood really fast. I got him down, I kicked my pants off and straddled his face. He was all over the place. Tonguing me for a few seconds, then moving to do something else; jamming his tongue into my clit. Really killing the mood.

So I thought, ok, never mind. I grabbed his head to hold him still and I moved my hips instead. Not only did that didn't work, his tongue disappeared and he kept grabbing my hips to stop me. So I gave up. I got him to sit on the backrest of the couch while I kneeled on the seat to suck him off. I wanted to taste his dick while I touched myself. That, too didn't last long. I had to stop every few seconds cos he threatened to cum. It wasn't going well but I was horny as fuck and was determined to at least get something going. So I settled on getting him to lean back while I had his dick rubbing on my face while I touched myself off.

He left me to do that til I came on my own. I then asked him if he was good to go, to which he replied by calling me a horny bitch 😑 I was getting pissed at this point but, as mentioned, was horny as fuck so I told him to fuck me like a horny bitch. Well, technically, he wasn't wrong 😜

I told him to slide down cos I wanted to ride him in a reverse cowgirl. I wanted to watch his dick penetrate me. But he surprised me by spinning me around and pushed me face first into the backrest. He wanted to fuck me from behind. I was like, yeah. Now we're talking. He then started tonguing my ass, and even fingered me a little. So I thought, let's run with this. He was about to slide his dick inside me when I reached down, grabbed it and redirected it to my ass. I looked back and told him to fuck me in the ass. As far as dirty talk goes, that usually works.

And of course, he went "yeah, that's what's up" 😑 He grabbed a handful of hair with his left hand and directed his dick into my ass with his right. I had to reach back to control how fast he was about to jam his dick in my ass. I felt the tip of his dick slid in pretty quickly, and he eased the rest of his dick in slowly. This took five to six slow thrusts before I felt his balls on my ass. I gasped, naturally but all of a sudden he groaned and I felt him twitch. It took me a few seconds before I realised he came.😖 I was seriously, in shock.

I asked him what happened? He kept going "sorry, I couldn't hold it. I couldn't hold it". He was still partially hard and inside my ass, so I moved my hips back and forth, more in hopes than anything else. He immediately went soft and pulled out. I was still in such a shock I just knelt there on my couch, on my front porch, like what the fuck just happened?! 😖 He was panting and even in the dark, I could see him blushing. It literally took me a whole minute to catch my senses, and once I did, I told him to get dressed and kinda threw him out. Lol

I got him to put his shorts back on and didn't even give him a chance to put his tshirt on before I walked him to my front gate and told him he had to leave. I wanted him gone so bad I had walked him out butt naked. I didn't care. I pointed him in a general direction and told him to catch a cab from the main road. To give him credit, he was nice enough to leave and not make a scene. For all my troubles, I was left naked in my front porch with cum in my ass and no fucking orgasm.🤣

So yeah, I told that Friend of mine that helped set up the date and even told my husband, who actually found it funny. That's the last time I try fucking anyone I'm not at least familiar or comfortable with. I can't believe I used to do this on a regular basis. Although tonne fair, they never ended up this bad though😳 Fuck. I hope I never bump into him again
My last trip: Hong Kong
Posted:Oct 17, 2017 11:52 pm
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2017 9:05 pm

Ah, what a lazy lazy afternoon. It has been raining for the last hour but it's still hot as fuck here 😝 Just in case you were wondering about the weather here in ever "sunny bali".

I've been back for a week and I'm missing Taiwan. So officially, I love Taiwan. Hong Kong too. Although I didn't see much of HK this time round. It's such a mixed bag of emotions cos Taipei is such a beautiful city and it was nice being back. Last time I was there was close to ten years ago on a work trip. Sex wise though, it was a complete fucking disaster.

Here's a brief recap. First up, HK.
One of my best friends lives in HK and we were staying at their place for the nights that we were there. The wedding that we were all attending was on Sunday, and we go it on Saturday afternoon so I already had plans in my head that we could have at least an evening of fun with her and her husband. We got to their place and had just begun to settle in when the husbands (hers and mine) were drawn away to help out at the venue while my Best Friend and I had to help out with other last minute errands. By the time we got back, it was late and we were all tired we showered and slept.

The wedding day wa a two-parter. In the morning the solenmization was a church affair that ended in the afternoon, and there was to be a dinner later in the evening. I was already at that point, a little disappointed we didn't have any fun the night before cos I actually brought a few toys that I had wanted to use, and in turn, used on me 😝 So in the afternoon I made sure we all rested (cos I still had hopes😏). We were all getting ready in the late afternoon when I told them that I would bring my remote control vibrator out that evening. I knew my Best Friend had one too so I kinda egged (pun totally intended) her on and she brought hers out too. We got to dinner and we were all mingling and I was already getting excited. Right before we were ushered to our seats, we went to the bathroom and slid our vibrators in. And just for kicks, we were holding on to each other's remote control.

We were seated at the same table so it didn't take long before we were teasing each other. I kept grabbing the husbands hand when she switched mine on and off, then his thigh, then his crotch. Lol I bet some of the other people at our table must have figured something was going on but...ah well.

By my fifth glass of wine, I had already passed the remote to my friend's vibrator to my Husband and mine was in her husbands hand. Midway through the evening, while the bride and groom gave their thank you speech, the Husband and I borrowed my friend's car keys and excused ourselves. We told everyone who asked I had forgotten something and we had to go get it. The dinner was in a really nice, posh hotel but the walk to the carpark was dark and the carpark was tiny (which is soo HK). We had to take the lift down to the basement and then walk down a flight of stairs to get to the car. On the way down, in the lift, I was already telling the Husband what I wanted him to do to me when we got back. This got him a little riled up and when we got to the stairs, he leaned in and kissed me and reached up my dress and pulled my panties down. I knew it was a bad idea cos I was already soaked down below. But after 6-8 glasses of wine and being fucking horny, you don't think very well.

He pulled my panties off and it was wet. He ran his hands over my pussy and played with my clit a little and I pushed him off and wanted to run to the car. I took two steps and the vibrator fell out😝 All I heard was it bouncing down the remaining flight of stairs. We both started laughing and it took me a few seconds to realise I'm not gonna find it in the dark, and, I'm not fishing around for it in that stairwell. It was dark and quite....disgusting. 😖

We got to the car, and decided we'd go with the back seat. But we couldn't even open the doors halfway cos there were cars parked on either side. I crawled into the backseat, my dress was already hiked up around my waist. We figured we could just doggy it with him standing outside. That didn't go too well cos there wasn't enough space. I crawled all the way in and he undid his pants fully and he crawled in with me and we'd just missionary it. Except his feet was outside the back door, which was still ajar, his pants around his ankles, and my head was hitting the other door every time he thrust his hips forward, and I was literally falling into the floor space. LOL

My right arm was already on the floor and I squeezed my legs around his waist cos it felt like I was about to fall. This prompted his to tighten up and before I knew it, I felt hot cum inside me. I got him to pull me up and we laid there for a few minutes. I made sure he didn't pull out from me cos being already so wet, I knew that when he did, I didn't want to get cum in my friends car. Lol

We inched ourselves back to the edge of the back seat and he had to pull out otherwise he couldn't stand up. There just wasn't space. True enough, I stood up and there was a loud "bloop" of his and my cum drop on the floor outside the car (thankfully) 😝 Yeah...sorry. Not too glamorous. We cleaned up as best as we could then realised he had dropped my panties on the floor. I couldn't put them back on now so went the rest of the evening without. Which wasn't as bad, except for the fact I still had cum dripping out of me and down my thighs. I kept excusing myself to run to the bathroom to clean up. So aside from the overflow of fluids, this was midway through the night it it had gone, so far, so good. I still had aspirations of being tied up by the two guys and sitting on my best friend's face.

BUT! That was about as good as it got. There was a lot of flirting and, in hindsight, a little inappropriate touching between the four of us, but we all had too much to drink before the night was done. Someone drove us all back to my bestie's place and we all just fell asleep when we got back. We all got up the next morning hungover, and we had to leave for Taiwan 🙁

So yeah, that was a bit disappointing. Therein lies the lesson, don't let alcohol spoil an evening 😜 So that was my two night in HK. We even pushed our flight back so we had an extra night in HK but ah well....I HAVE to make up for this. I've gotta run out for awhile now that the rain has stopped. Maybe I'll post on Taiwan later.
Blogging by the beach!
Posted:Sep 27, 2017 1:48 am
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2017 2:21 am

We're flying into Hong Kong this weekend to attend a friend's wedding before moving to Taiwan cos the husband has got work there for the better part of next week. I'm just tagging along cos, well, I can 😝 It's not ideal cos I actually just started a new job which, I'm lucky enough to be able to do on the road, but considering the husband's travel schedule til the end of the year, this is one of the few ways we're gonna spend some time together. So, I'm off to Taiwan next week. I'm probably gonna end up working most of the time too but, ah well. I'll try and post a few😊

Anyhow, we got up early this morning and the husband locked himself in the study to try and finish his work before the weekend. I tried doing some work but was really struggling for inspiration (aka I've got no deadlines coming up 😝) so at 8am, I changed into a tiny white bikini, a pair of shorts and tank top over that, packed a book, towel, sunscreen and water bottle and rode out. There's a pretty popular beach close to where I live but I figured I could do with some quiet time on my own so I rode about an hour up the coast and found a quieter beach. It's almost quite sad you can't find a totally deserted beach here anymore, but I digress. I was actually searching for a spot to be alone but settled for a spot fairly close to the water.

It was as quiet as it gets. There were a few local fishermen hauling their boats back in, and they were about 70, 80 meters away. Then there was a guy walking/playing with two dogs. I laid my towel out, stripped and applied my sunblock, and just soaked in the sound of the waves slapping against the sand and the wind in my face. It was therapeutic, almost. For the record, I started typing this while I was there. The sun is hiding behind clouds today so I didn't really feel the heat. It remained like this for quite awhile, so I decided to take my TOP off. I was rolling over, and moving back and forth between reading, typing this and figured why not, I untied my bikini bottom and slid it off. It's officially not not legal here but by this time, the closest person was about 100m away. Soaking up the sun naked is always nice. I just haven't done it here on my own before. I got so comfortable I even dosed off a few times.

I woke up from my last snooze to find a few people had already taken up space close by. I got up and found that the wind had blown sand over my bikini. I put on my shorts and tank top, packed my bikini into my bag, got up and walked back to my bike. It was a nice ride back. I rode slowly. I even stopped by to grab lunch before heading home. I found the husband asleep in the couch and left him to rest.

I showered, had my lunch and actually got a fair bit of work done. I absolutely have to do this more often. I told the husband about it and I'll bring him there one of these days. All in all, t'was a good day 😊 Well, except now my eyes are a little puffy. Think I need to hydrate. And I didn't actually get much of a tan, but oh well. All the more reason to make this a regular thing.

I hope your day is going well too. Will try to post again soon
Cranky and ranting, you've been warned.
Posted:Sep 14, 2017 2:33 am
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2017 1:43 am

Hey! And I have access to this site! Good ol Indon government sure is flaky about granting access, but I suppose this sometimes-on, sometimes-off is better than none. Least now I can rant 😳

I'm stuck at home having to oversee a few Contractors doing some work in and around the house. While I truely appreciate their work, this is really, really a lousy day to have to keep company. I've just spent the last two nights having friends (one other girl and two guys) over.

A little back story to this: I've been on a few "dates" with couples that a good Friend of mine helped to set up. Three dates, to be exact. These three couples were trying to expand their relationships, so to speak, and this Friend of mine felt it was a good idea to set me up with them. I wasn't really interested but the Husband was Travelling and I thought at the time, it'd be fun. I was wrong. All three fell flat, and two of those dates actually made it back to their hotel rooms but they went...well let's just say I really didn't enjoy them 😜

So I was telling my husband about it early last week and he took it upon himself to invite some friends over to kinda make sure I don't lose interest in it completely (I did mention I was done meeting other people outside our own friends from now on). The couple that joined us were mutual friends who lives on a different part of the island and the third guy was this guy we'd got to know when we were coming here before we moved here. Anyways, the husband had been planning this but only told me over the weekend. I was a bit taken aback by the sudden-ness of it all but after the first awkward dinner out of the way, we played some games and it turned out to be a great time.

I've always enjoyed the relationship side of this on TOP of the sex, but don't get me wrong, the sex was g r e a t this time around too, but I digress. So yea, I had a great time connecting with and getting to know people that would otherwise be better known as my husband's friends. I'd even go out on a limb to say my own relationship has grown as a result, cos boundaries were pushed, physically and emotionally, and we've come out better for it. I guess that's kinda the point for having this open marriage. For us at least.

So that was the high. Aaaaamd then come the low, actually more the cranky. Last night was supposed to be an easy night, as in we'd all take it easy and just enjoy each other's company. For many reasons, but mostly cos the husband was catching a flight out with the third guy (not the same flight though), the couple had a long drive back and I had to oversee the construction that's currently still going on. But one thing led to another, and the Husband was digging out all our toys, and then there was a lot of tying each other up, and in turn getting tied up, and rather surpringly, the husband not joining a round or two but more interested in filming it instead (which I don't particularly like). But like I said, we all ended up doing things we weren't usually accustomed to doing. All in all, I knocked out about 4am (I don't think any of us bothered cleaning all of each others' bodily fluids off ourselves before we fell asleep on our bed in a heap of bodies) and we were all up by 8am.

So that's why I'm cranky as fuck. I'm tired, sore (my ass and pussy literally feels tired and sore at the same time 😳 I'm sitting and standing funny), I've got bruises, my nipples hurt and ideally would like to just stay naked in bed. But noooo....someone (the Husband, and I am totally blaming him for this) had to set the appointment for today 😑 Now I have to intermittently walk about to check if what we had asked for is done. Ah well.

Sorry, I've got a few more rants to go

I also have to really look through the husband's phone to see how many videos he has of us. Fuck he better not lose his phone.

To think a few weeks ago when he got back he was so stressed he, or we rather, had trouble getting his dick hard. His last trip was a long one and I had wanted night out when he got back. But he was so stressed from work all form of erection didn't happen. I understand how that can happen so I kinda left it. The next day I tried again (I even dressed up for it - I dug out the little naughty schoolgirl outfit that he bought a few years ago) and again it didn't happen. Then on day three he had gone out to run some errands and I had come back from the gym. I got home and decided to switch on our rarely used Xbox and was hacking and slashing on it when he got home, saw me and evidently that did it 🤣 So screw the heels, schoolgirl outfits and all. Playing video game in your underwear does the trick. Lol

Okok. I'm done ranting for now. I got a lot more rants but no energy left. Gotta go do my checks and prep to clean the place up. Til next time!
Awkward threesome. Actually, more like awkward almost-threesome😳
Posted:Aug 20, 2017 3:30 am
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2017 9:32 pm

Aaaaaand we have access again! I'm hoping this is a permanent thing. Fingers crossed.

Gawd damn I'm hammered today. I'm so fucking tired I'm laying naked on my couch outside of my house and I don't really care 😜 Granted, the only people that can probably see me are my Neighbours if they walk by. And I can hear their kids playing so, I should be safe for now. I'll move if I hear them....if I can care enough to move 😝

The boy toy left last evening so we spent most yesterday stuck at the hips. Actually, stuck at the crotch 😋 It's gonna be a few weeks or months before he gets back out here again, so, understandably, we had a lot to cover til he returns. I was actually also trying to get him to stay a few more days, at least til the Husband gets back, for purely selfish reasons but he had to go so, ah well. What was I saying? Oh yea...

This morning I decided I'd get back to exercising. It's been a few weeks since I've done any serious exercise. There's a gym near where I am that runs bootcamps, interval training classes etc, so I got up this morning, rode down and joined a class. I joined a trx class, which was actually manageable. I took 15mins to rest after that one hour class and thought it'd be a good idea to lift some weights before going home. So I went. I was almost done when an old friend came over and we started talking. As these things go, we chatted for quite a bit before she convinced me to join her for a bootcamp class.

Not knowing when to quit, I then let her drag me to a late lunch where we caught up for another two hours😖 By the time I got up to leave my legs felt so heavy I was struggling to lift my leg over the seat of the bike. I rode home, stripped out of my sweaty cloths that had dried up (yummy 😝), showered and am still on my couch outside. At the very least, I'm soaking in the evening sun. Oh! Which kinda reminded me of what I wanted to blog about originally.

While I was in Singapore a week plus ago, the topic of preferences in bed came up in a few conversations, with a few different people. There was also one conversation where I was explaining to a Friend of mine how it's different to fuck, and the make love. It's so fucking cliched, the term but you know what I mean, right? It seems silly to have to spell it out but there's a huge difference between having that emotional connection, and not having it. Like I can fuck the Husband with that emotional connection or without. I think that's the underlying factor that allows us to swing. Don't get me wrong, there has to be some form of connection between partners, but I suppose it's the degree and intensity of that connection...? Am I making sense? Anyways, I was trying to explain to this Friend that I can usually, almost always differentiate. Both are good. Sometimes you want that connection, sometimes you just want to fuck or be fucked. It's all good 😋

But I've digressed. I've found that there are some things that I like, and I've been sticking to them. I mean, why not right? For example, following up from my last post, hair pulling. I like it. Getting my hair pulled in doggy, while giving a bj, pulling hair while getting my pussy eaten. I find I like that. Then there's the more specifics, like I like giving bjs when my man is seated. I like sliding down or crawling up and sucking him off that way. Especially if it forces him to slide further down his seat 😋 I also like the one below and one or two up top. A dick in my pussy and one in my face. Maybe two👍. Ok, let's not list them all out. I have to go back in soon. Anyhoo, bearing that in mind, and me trying to break character (cos I'd hate to admit to being predictable like that) earlier this week, I agreed to join in on a threesome.

I got a call from one of my playmate living on the other side of this island asking me if I'd be interested in joining a couple who's looking into including a third person into their bedroom for the first time. This Friend was telling me about them and even gave me their names so I can look them up on social media, which of course I did. They were a young couple (mid 20s) and recently got married. On paper, it sounded hot. I mean, they were both fairly attractive, and I could ease them in. I know how quickly these situations can turn bad too but I let myself get talked into it and I agreed to meet them.

We met once for coffee, and this was a day after I had got back to bali. They seemed nice, courteous, but understandly Super nervous. But the meet up went well and against my better judgement, we decided we'd meet for dinner the next evening. I thought it was moving a little too fast but I thought they were just eager. Plus they were here on holiday so... We met for dinner, had something light and it was awkward. We even had wine, which helped a little, but their nervous energy really rubbed off on me. And strangely, it was the guy that was really nervous, to the point where I thought he was shifty. At this point I was ready to scrap this, and I think it showed cos they decided not to go through with it. The strange thing was, after that, it became a little more enjoyable. We ordered desert, talked some more before I caught a cab home. Lol

It wasn't a bad evening, but damn that was awkward.
Aaaand I'm getting cold. This was a long post, and rather scatterbrained. Heh.
Gotta prep for dinner. Til the next one
Hair pulling and silver linings
Posted:Aug 19, 2017 12:24 am
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2017 9:31 pm

Hey!! I have access to this site today! Well this is unexpected.....let's ramble then 😝

There are a few thought that have been on my mind lately and I haven't had the time, or inclination really, to think about them in detail so, me laying them out here will seem haphazard at the very least.

I had the boy toy over last evening and, I didn't plan on him staying but not only did he spend the night but he's still here 😋 We rode out for lunch, then coffee and now he's trying his hand (or feet) at surfing while I'm in a cafe by the beach (hmm...maybe that's why I can access this site. I usually can't when I'm home...) Anyways, I've always found his company a little straining. I think mainly cos he's just soo much younger (early twenties). But last night and even today, it's been going ok.

Except he has starting doing this thing when he's going down on me, (which he does FABulously), when he reaches up with his hands and play with my tits by pinching my nipples with his thumb and index finger, twist them like he's tuning a radio, and then shakes my breasts around. Every time he does it, I feel like breaking out in laughter. The only reason I haven't is cos he gives such great head (it's his enthusiasm and that tireless tongue😘) I'm too busy grabbing fistful of hair and driving my crotch into his head. Or is that his head into my crotch..? But yeah, I honestly don't know what that does for him but dammit if it carries on I gotta say something😜

Also, I realise I also like hair pulling. The above mentioned hair pulling is such a turn on. The Husband keeps his head shaved so I don't get that with him. Maybe that's why this is niiiiice. Speaking of which, the Husband travels two weeks out of a month now, which sucks mostly. I've only just begun to get accustomed to it. The good thing that came outta that is, when he's back, those two weeks he's almost insatiable. Literally we're too busy fucking in as many ways as we can manage to even have any sort of arguments. 😊 Guess every cloud does have its silver lining.

Anyways, gotta run. Will blog again.
Someone told me it's like staring at a broken pencil
Posted:Aug 10, 2017 11:28 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2017 9:31 pm

I just don't see the point. Of a lot of things. Maybe it's just that I haven't noticed before...? Possibly. Regardless, here're a few things I find really pointless.

I moved to Bali a few months ago and prior to that, I have been taking public transport while in Singapore. I've also made a few trips back since so really, I haven't been away very long. What I have noticed now is, the announcements and posters telling commuters of more trains to be added to facilitate the higher volume of people. So then I ask, what's the point? There's still only going to be one track going in each direction. I suppose that would mean higher frequency of trains coming to each stop but it's not like they can overtake. It's still going to be clogged. 😑 I'm sure there's a better way to make sense of this but my simple mind doesn't get it😝

I was also in Spain a few weeeks ago with the Husband and a few days of our trip was spent at a naturalist resort. It was a fun trip and we even went to two nude beaches, which was always nice but it was a little cold for my tropical ass 😜 I wasn't expecting it to be so chilly, and it even dampened my initial idea of fucking on the beach. Anyways. I had also secretly hoped we'd meet some good looking and interesting people for fun but that didn't happen. I can't tell you how disappointed I was for not having my "sexy Spanish guy/sultry Spanish girl" fantasies not happen. Lol

But anyway, I digress. We were lazing by the pool and I made a few trips to the bathroom and found that the bathrooms were not shared. I find that a bit odd. It was the same at the beaches too. I mean, everyone was letting everything hang out but I suppose that's where they draw the line. 😝 Removal of bodily waste is private. I can dig that. But changing rooms? Now that, is pointless.

Ok, this is not on point but I was having a conversation with the Husband a few weeks ago when we wee home and he actually called me cockhungry. And it wasn't even in one of those situations when we were fucking or talking dirty or anything like that. I believe it was over breakfast. He was walking to the kitchen to grab a second cup of coffee and I can't even remember what we were talking about when he called me cockhungry. I was a little offended but it was so matter-of-fact I found it funny 😝

I kept quiet for a few seconds and let it set in, and realised he wasn't wrong. lol. (I do like cocks, as in dicks. I've got no preference when it comes to chicken). That then reminded me of hosting four guys over a weekend earlier this year and how exhausting that was, then I felt old😝 Cos it didn't used to tire me out before. So anyhoo, chain of yeah, cockhungry 😳 In my defence, I do and would appreciate more girl company more often but aside from a few good friends, my playgroup has more guys. I have always had more guy friends in general. Ah well.

Til my next one. Thanks for reading 😘

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