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Cam or not!
Posted:Jul 31, 2017 3:24 pm
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2017 11:22 pm

I watch a lot of men on cam, I dont know if I could just stroke myself for hours on end with you all watching and not get to a climax quicker than desired.

So I wonder what it is you would want if I put a few things out there... I am fairly open but I would want to know I was doing something you would want to see.
Tittie Play
Just Watch Me - doing whatever in the course of the day
Watch me Shave
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Getting past introductions, or not!
Posted:Jul 8, 2017 11:42 pm
Last Updated:Sep 1, 2017 10:29 pm

Hey folks..

Have you ever asked yourself why people do not reply to your initial inquiries? If so, you might want to read this. The comments below are really just from my perspective. I haven't consulted any other females in the crafting of these.

Some ladies like it hot and dirty
Some ladies are simple
Some ladies need a man with some intelligence
Some ladies need a little more companionship and someone that shows up front he is a caring man and more

So here are some lines that don't work and commentary on a few to help you understand why.

“Hi”; “How are you?”; Hey there how are you?:
Hey guys, we ladies get pounded by messages galore. They are non-stop. If you want our attention, change your attack line. In addition, do you really want to know how we are doing or are you seeking someone to play with. If you ask how is your day be prepared to hear how it was on a real level. Otherwise, don’t ask.

Hi......I would like to be your friend...yeess
I don't know what to say to this, lol except that I left elementary school years ago and put three boys through school too. Moving on..

Yes, I'm real. No, I probably won't hook up with you right
You already answered your own question Sir, so why ask? I am not going to feel sorry for you that you are lonely. We are all missing something and lonely in some ways.

Can I eat your pussy?
No dumb ass, I am not a freaking Oyster. I am also not a piece of meat you find that is willing to spread my legs so you can go down on me taste my fruitful juices. On the other hand, I respect myself a bit more than getting fucked one or two times, by someone like you, because I can. I have toys for that and we get along just great!

Here is a good one, the desperate guy: I got, not one, not two but 3 messages Not interested? “im not fake either I promise “Ican send a pic too”:
If you can send a picture than send it, but he didn't. I did reply "you are much to young for me" the poor boys come back with "thanks for being honest…. Do you have any girlfriends that like younger guys?" lol like really dude…

Hello. how are you? do you like hung guys?
Umm, help me out here, if you aren't hanging, what are you doing? If you are referencing you are hung, as in long, then dude, say that better yet... don't, your description of yourself won't help me be anymore interested in you. You might be "hung" but do you shower, how is your body odor, are you shaven? lol oh my

You seem fun and interesting
I think any lady on here seems fun and interesting. Hell, how many women have profiles without a partner in them. Either way, most men, looking for women, automatically see fun and interesting

Here are a couple that actually worked with me:

Great Picture. Hi. My name is XYZ and it is nice to meet you here. Hope to get to know you better. Have a great day : Now this guy has a little more opportunity to get past the first hello. At least he said his name, gave a familiar compliment and even left a hope for a future goal. How goes that!!!

I am 49 single, never married, no kids. I am 5-11 with an average build and a nonsmoker, disease free, don't do drugs and don't drink a lot. I am more the nice guy, intellectual, gentleman type. I have a variety of interests including sports like tennis. I am easy going and low drama and doing well in my career. I have everything going for me but I spend a lot of time alone and want someone to keep me company. Want to keep me company?
okay so this guy took time out to write something about himself. He might have even copied and pasted from his profile but he did do a little more than "Hi how are you" which at least gets us women thinking and looking at profiles.

No DAMN way that you are 50 years old. MAYBE 40 but no way 50: The joke'ster and charmer in one works. Yes Sir, I am 50.. lol he made it past the first hello.

Hi. Just in case no one told you today, you are truly a lovely lady: This is a classic and workable introduction. A woman loves to be the center of a man’s attention, even if it is based on fantasy and intimacy.

"She wanted secrets whispered at midnight, and road trips without a map. But most of all, she ached for someone who desired to explore all the mysteries which lay sleeping within her." John Mark Green
Now this guy made it to an actual conversation with me. Hey guys get this.. dialogue back and forth, getting to know each other. Nothing about how big his cock was, or how he wanted to spoon with me or anything. Just good solid conversation and getting to know each other. BTW.. that actually works.

Hi, nice to meet you. You look cute I would love to hear more about you and what you are looking for. I noticed you took some of the sex academy courses, were they worth it? How's your day going?: WOW a guy that actually looked at my profile. He passes the introduction test.

Okay folks.. so! The introductions are really where you go wrong. Be creative, be thoughtful, and be real.
Things One Doesn't Want
Posted:Jun 19, 2017 4:37 pm
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2017 1:53 pm

Okay soo.. coming from a fairly new AFFer, I have found it rather interesting as I scan through the characters who send me flirts, hotlist me, and message me, etc.

BTW... I have been on AdultFriendFinder for a week now and have well over 700, well what seems like 700, it is probably more 600, it could be 400, or 500, but the point is, anything over 200 messages is enough to help you guys out and feels like 700.

So here we go:

Please read profiles first before you send messages - a lady hates having to resend or restate the pics are on her profile over and over.. and over and over again and again.. was that redundant enough to get your attention? Hopefully so!

If you have a free account, this really isn't a ladies problem. Perhaps upgrade and gain more benefit from the services offered.

And gentlemen... when she says "she isn't interested", do not ask why or what it is she is looking for, after she says "not interested". I have really wanted to tell a few of you why, but I do not want to be rude. Now granted, there are rude ones out there that will tell you to F**k off, but most want to be polite.

Stay tuned.. more to come!


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