Things One Doesn't Want  

eurzelday 51F  
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6/19/2017 4:37 pm

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6/22/2017 1:53 pm

Things One Doesn't Want

Okay soo.. coming from a fairly new AFFer, I have found it rather interesting as I scan through the characters who send me flirts, hotlist me, and message me, etc.

BTW... I have been on AdultFriendFinder for a week now and have well over 700, well what seems like 700, it is probably more 600, it could be 400, or 500, but the point is, anything over 200 messages is enough to help you guys out and feels like 700.

So here we go:

Please read profiles first before you send messages - a lady hates having to resend or restate the pics are on her profile over and over.. and over and over again and again.. was that redundant enough to get your attention? Hopefully so!

If you have a free account, this really isn't a ladies problem. Perhaps upgrade and gain more benefit from the services offered.

And gentlemen... when she says "she isn't interested", do not ask why or what it is she is looking for, after she says "not interested". I have really wanted to tell a few of you why, but I do not want to be rude. Now granted, there are rude ones out there that will tell you to F**k off, but most want to be polite.

Stay tuned.. more to come!


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s2ndegree 58M  
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6/19/2017 8:39 pm

Being from the forgotten lot I am still amazed that these young guys
still don't have a clue.I certainly hope this won't lead to settling.

Using more than all the road!

eurzelday replies on 6/19/2017 10:25 pm:
oh no no no no... no settling here!


I rather entertain myself than to stoop to lows. I have standards!! I must achieve, maintain, or exceed them.

thanks for the read and laughter.. be well

dayzeeme 49F  
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6/19/2017 7:52 pm

At least those men make the choice easy ... NEXT!!! No time wasted on men who can't be bothered to read a profile. Just what exactly are they messaging about ... if they aren't asking about something they read in your profile, then they are just wasting time. Smart men ask relative questions.

eurzelday replies on 6/19/2017 8:09 pm:
That's right!!! You Go Girl!!!

TB5758 59M/60F  
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6/19/2017 5:49 pm

A lo of people do not take the time to read the profile and I agree it is very frustrating. Free members want pics however if they paid they would see a lot more. I get friend requests from people I have never spoken to. It really gets aggravating!

eurzelday replies on 6/19/2017 6:39 pm:

I agree.

I even took things like my KINK list off, to try and ease up on things but that didnt really work. Not going to put it back up, that is for private chat discussions lol. Thanks for your read and post!

eurzelday 51F  
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6/19/2017 5:31 pm

    Quoting benard69:
    Being new you'll find these Knuckle Draggers will never get it right...Just Grin and Bare it....

I grin and laugh out loud! I tend to roll my eyes too and say things like "REALLY??? REALLY??? are you serious???"

Thanks for the read!

Be well

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benard69 63M/63F  
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6/19/2017 5:12 pm

Being new you'll find these Knuckle Draggers will never get it right...Just Grin and Bare it....

OakKing421 49M
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6/19/2017 5:04 pm

well... first you have a pretty smile and second this place is a fraud hotbed those who upgrade if they don't use a prepaid card with a set amount on it run the risk of having their identity stolen ... I read what I can of profiles and respond if and when I can respectfully

eurzelday replies on 6/19/2017 5:30 pm:
Good point... I have not the experience in that department. I suppose it is be wise time. Good for you on the "read profiles"... and thanks for replying!

blackfoot716 50M  
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6/19/2017 5:02 pm

very well put

eurzelday 51F  
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6/19/2017 4:58 pm

    Quoting STLshowoff:
    Read a profile first? Thats crazy. lol
Well now... is it? Yes, that is right in the non AdultFriendFinder world we are all crazy anyway.. so stay the way you are that is your prerogative. However, getting to know someone on a basic leveling avoids their "ignoring" you. If you want their attention.. use something they wrote. But, what do I know, I am just a woman, not meat, not an object, just a lady. I will be happy to ignore you all.. lol

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STLshowoff 50M  
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6/19/2017 4:50 pm

Read a profile first? Thats crazy. lol

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