bi_sex_couple_70 47M/47F  
52 posts
6/19/2017 4:36 pm

Summer time is here how many of you will switch to outdoor activities? Let us know your favorite places to sneak off to to do the deed.

gr8dv8 50M
5 posts
6/19/2017 4:55 pm

Camp hunting tent😉

Luv2bottom4u2 60M  
709 posts
6/19/2017 5:25 pm

A place with a picnic table

3 posts
6/19/2017 5:52 pm

the beach under the moonlight

benard69 63M/63F  
2383 posts
6/19/2017 5:52 pm

Any place that doesn't land you in jail for 12 months....

Shytas069 39M/F
26 posts
6/19/2017 6:07 pm


CNYMale4Fun 55M  
347 posts
6/21/2017 10:28 am

My back deck and yard at night. Also like car play, reminds me of HS...

Trapper69 60G  
1874 posts
9/20/2017 11:42 pm

There are several places close by where it's fun to strip off the clothes and enjoy erotic fun without getting into trouble.....there's this one waterfall that's about60' high.....a great place to enjoy fun outside....

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