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Yesterday was okay. That pent house book of letters gets me riled up sexually every time. It's stories about swingers and exhibition! I had to play with myself good before I went to Work. Only a few books do that to me like some of the Lyndsay sands books some paranormal romance , apparently the letters to pent house books, and the fifty shades of grey books did too as well as the historical romance novels about hot Scottish guys and time travel! Only a few movies do like the fifty shades of grey movies and magic Mike xl. Do any movies or books turn you on so much you have to get off after reading them watching them or during? I use to not have that problem but damn with my forties came all kinds of stuff like that for me. Suddenly curious about stuff, need orgasms all the time, etc. It's crazy but I don't mind this me! Last night at work was horrible. It felt like Xmas but no hours for help cleaning or anything. We were slammed with everyone waiting till last min to buy stuff for today so they could stay outta the dog house! I cleaned most the store it got destroyed and I had to reclean it. We were there a hour longer than we should have been. It was a pain in the ass. Tonight should be much calmer. If people don't have their shit by tonight they have issues and are probably already in trouble with their mates! I'm gonna order booger pizza and me a sandwich from Dominoes and we will be good. I won't hear from j today never do and I won't bother him either. Same as bdays, and holidays! Weirdest thing just happened! I was wide awake on hear reading and commenting to magazine articles and I heard a loud boom. It sounded like it came from this room right next to me. I'm in the dark but I turned my phone that way and didn't see anything. Sounded like my dresser fell or a drawer slammed shut or someone slammed their hand down on my dresser or slammed the chair by me against the wall. So damn weird. Had it happened more than once I would have turned the light on and went and slept in my sons bed till morning! I do believe in ghosts n spirits! Do you? What would you do?

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Have a great Valentines day sexy!

Readmoreofeveryt replies on 2/14/2018 8:46 pm:
Thanks. Back at ya!

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Okay, are you ready? Early 80s movie called The Coca Cola Kid...weird little picture BUT there is a scene with a santa clause in it (I know it sounds twisted but you have to see it) that makes me need to fuck as bad as any porn. If you see it, you will let me know if I am right.

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So many things in my head right now

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